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Graham used to go to 4 Bills games a year

Tim M

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By now everyone knows that Bills CB Corey Graham is a Buffalo native.


And being a fan of the team is something he’s carried with him since childhood.


His affinity for the Bills was only strengthened by his uncles who had season tickets.


It enabled Graham to go to quite a few games as a kid.


In an appearance on Bills flagship station WGR Sportsradio 550 Graham said he attended several Bills games as a kid.


“I went to a lot of games,” said Graham. “I used to go to games all the time. I would say we would probably go to four home games a season. I enjoyed watching the team and it was my way of getting away. That’s how I got into football. So I really enjoyed it. I was a big time Buffalo Bills fan and my whole family are Bills fans so to them this is like the icing on the cake to have me coming to play for Buffalo.”


Graham said he didn’t have a most memorable game, but said he remembered watching the Super Bowls the most even though he only watched them on TV.


Link: http://blogs.buffalobills.com/2014/03/18/graham-used-to-go-to-4-bills-game-a-year/


Great to see a Buffalo native and a Bills fan on the team.

Now just deliver on the field and it would be perfect.

My Adopt-A-Bill for 2013 is WR Mat




(Wet Rubber Mat)


if (ToErr == objHuman)


objForgive = objDivine;


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