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RB Dixon says he'll do anything asked

Tim M

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New Bills RB Anthony Dixon is looking to contribute on offense as part of a dynamic running backs unit, as well as on special teams where he was a regular in San Francisco.




He left one top-ranked rushing corps, and came to another.


Having spent four years with Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter in San Francsico, new Bills RB Anthony Dixon no stranger to working with a power duo like the one he’ll find in C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson.


“I’ve watched those guys over the last couple years and I’m definitely a fan of their game,” said Dixon of the Bills rushers. “I’m just excited to get a chance to get around them and work with them, see what I can learn. I’m a high-energy guy. I’m just excited to get down here and help out.”


Dixon jumps from the third most prolific group of running backs to the second, and says he liked what running backs coach Tyrone Wheatly and Head Coach Doug Marrone had to say about his role as part of a new trio. He harped that he’ll fit in wherever he’s needed – more than in just the short yardage situations many see him in based on his power back stature (6-1, 239).


“I consider myself as an all-around football player,” he said. “I can do anything asked of me in the backfield. I can play multiple positions, whatever coach asks me to do I can do. I’m just looking to come in and show them what I can do and then it’s up to them where they put me.”


That includes special teams, where Dixon became a fixture in San Francisco. He never missed a game in his four years with the team and was a part of both the return and coverage units.


“I definitely found a love of special teams in my years at San Francisco,” he said. “Never had played it before I got to the league and I just got there and started watching more film and that is part of who I am. Whatever coach wants me to do, I started returning kicks last year and I can play all the positions.”

The back, who called his speed ‘sneaky,’ visited with the Titans before his trip to Buffalo. He and new Bills LB Brandon Spikes dined with Bills personnel at Tempo Restaurant Friday night before inking their contracts Saturday morning.


“I wanted someone that wanted me, first and foremost, and wanted to put me to work,” he said. “I came down here, I felt the love and that’s exactly what coach said. I loved (GM) Doug (Whaley) and I loved Coach (Marrone) and fell in love with them all at dinner last night. I’m ready to go."


The back has an energetic presence on social media, and his Twitter handle @Boobie24Dixon gives away the Friday Night Lights nickname he said he earned in college based on James ‘Boobie’ Miles, one of the leads in the movie.


“I and went out there my first year, my freshman year, and I was balling," Dixon said. "I was making plays and doing some of everything and all the players started calling me that and…it just stuck. It's a cool story."


Link: http://www.buffalobills.com/news/article-1/RB-Dixon-says-hell-do-anything-asked/1f9b8e0c-cfbd-41fa-8ef6-08999b2bbe8c

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This is a great signing for him. I believe this will be the last year for Freddie at least as a starter but Freddie is a leader and can help Dixon get to where he needs to be. I do like the signing as RB's in the draft dont seem to pan out anymore like they used to as they are a dime a dozen now.

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This was a smart move, considering what happens to our RB's in the next few seasons is a mystery. We need a big, bruising RB to take the place of Freddy down the line and be our goto down hill runner (CJ is not that guy). I'm not 100% convinced CJ is ever going to get it (he seems to still lack the vision consistently we saw him utilize his break out season). I REALLY Like Andre Williams and think he would be a GREAT pick up but I am not sure it is a large enough need to draft him as high as he will go. However, if we could get Andre Williams in say the 3rd I think we'd be wise to not pass him up. He is the downhill runner we need and has the natural ability and vision to be a great NFL RB if you ask me, doubt we draft him but I'd love to give him a look.


My Adopt A Bill is Aaron Willams.

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Spiller's contract negotiations could be difficult.


He has all the talent in the world but hasn't been able to put it together consistently. I'm sure he will want a deal of a playmaking rb but he is too often just a change of pace back.

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