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Free Agency Primer - Best Teams Cautious - Albert Breer


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As Albert Breer of NFL.com notes, the best teams Draft Well & retain their more important core players. They also don't approach Free Agency to rebuild their teams. Foreign concepts to our Beloved Buffalo Bills perhaps?? Especially the retaining part. The Bills are specifically mentioned as one of the "desperate" teams with a proclivity to overpay based on that desperation, probably to placate a very jaded (perhaps angry) fan-base.


Established teams usually aren't involved," an AFC personnel exec said. "It's the teams struggling to make it to the next step. There's a sense of desperation there to throw money at the top guys. They don't think it'll hurt them, but then the guy doesn't produce. The
, Buffalo, the
, the
-- teams that historically come out strong and pay, they usually haven't drafted well, so there's not as much continuity. And it's no coincidence there's been a lot of turnover in those organizations.


Any thoughts?





As mentioned earlier, Bills seem particularly challenged in retaining their own. Hopefully Whaley does a better job of this, but for now, we may be skeptical given the Byrd situation. As the article notes, one of the reasons a player becomes a FA is that they yearn for stability, and don't see it in the team that drafted them. Perhaps the Bills are perceived in that vein?? No...

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we save the money from Levitre to sign Byrd...

we save the money from Byrd to sign Spiller...

we save the money from Spiller to sign ...


And by the way, did I already mention that we can have 80% of the production of Byrd for half the price. That's great. Actually we plan to do this on each position...

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