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Winter car care

Very Wide Right

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Unless you have gone full retard and bought an EV LOL, here are some winterization tips.

Check Engine fluid levels. Oil, coolant, washer fluid etc. Change as necessary.

Inspect tire tread and add air if necessary. Recommended PSI can be found on door frame decal. Consider winter tires for front wheel drive only vehicles.

Test battery, if your battery is over 5 years old, replace it if you plan to keep the vehicle.

After a snow accumulation, be sure to remove all snow and ice that covers halogen head lights, halogen bulbs burn hot and will melt headlight apparatus if insulated due to covering. If you have LED headlights you will experience a very different issue, they will become covered while driving in snowy conditions as they don't burn hot enough to melt snow, they must be cleared manually.

If you live in a warm climate disregard all items on this list with the exception of routine maintenance. Check your owner's manual for your maintenance schedule.

EV owners, stay within 30 miles of home at all times and beware of rapid battery depletion in the cold. Do not leave valuables in your EV due to the high potential of vehicle fires.

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