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How we see it: News writers predict Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets


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Here is how The News’ Bills writers see Sunday’s game against the New York Jets:

Jay Skurski: The deck is stacked against new Bills offensive coordinator Joe Brady. He’s got a short week to prepare for a defense that has given his team fits the past couple of years. He’s got the responsibility of turning around what has rapidly devolved into one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history. He’s tasked with figuring out how to rebuild quarterback Josh Allen’s confidence, which looks to be shot, on the fly. Consider me skeptical Brady can do any of that in just a few days – let alone all of it.

For as bad as Zach Wilson has proven to be over the past couple of years, he has inexplicably beaten the Bills twice during that time. If there is an opponent on the Jets’ schedule Wilson probably feels some confidence against, it’s Buffalo. Jets running back Breece Hall ripped off an 83-yard gain against the Bills in the season opener. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see New York lean on him in the rematch. A low-scoring, ugly, drought-era game feels like a good bet here. Who could have possibly thought that at the start of the season? Jets, 17-16.

Katherine Fitzgerald: It’s a tough task on a short week for interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady. The Jets defense is fierce, and New York will put plenty on Brady’s plate. Turnovers are already an issue for Buffalo, so the Bills will have to clean those up fast. I don’t expect any drastic overhaul of the offense under Brady’s command on such short notice. While we might see early traces of his fingerprints, the biggest thing for the Bills offense is just holding onto the ball.

The Bills defense should be able to get the better of this Jets offense. The defense is trending at least a little healthier, but even without five starters last week, Buffalo held up as best it could. As much as turnovers are something the Bills offense is worried about, Jets quarterback Zach Wilson will need to be very careful as well. Ugly wins are still wins, and the Bills take the rematch at home. Bills, 20-13.

Mark Gaughan: This game is highly unlikely to be pretty. New Bills offensive coordinator Joe Brady is stepping into a tough spot against the Jets’ defense. The Jets held Patrick Mahomes to 203 yards with two interceptions. They forced Jalen Hurts into three interceptions. They held Justin Herbert to 136 passing yards. Josh Allen actually moved the ball well in passing for 236 yards in the opener, except he made four turnovers.

The Bills will need to play a patient game and commit to the run more because the Jets’ pass rush is so fierce. That means Sam Martin is going to punt. Could be a problem. Give James Cook at least 15 touches. Look for a game of field position. The Bills’ defensive line played a fine game against Denver. A similar performance is needed to contain the Jets’ running game. I’ll take the Jets to cover but the Bills to win a close one. Bills, 20-16.

Ryan O’Halloran: Driving home in the wee hours Tuesday following the loss to Denver, I vowed to not pick the Bills to cover the point spread until they proved they could. If I had been using real money, I’d be broke.

But then I watched a replay of the Jets-Las Vegas game. Yikes. Why the Jets are sticking with quarterback Zach Wilson remains a mystery, an act of indifference toward the rest of the locker room.

A few weeks ago, the Raiders got the expected change-of-head-coach bump when they handled the awful New York Giants and followed that by beating the Jets. Bills coach Sean McDermott is banking on a coordinator change to Joe Brady to be the antidote for a six-week offensive rut that cost Ken Dorsey his job.

Here’s the problem: The Jets defense is really good and they have caused problems for quarterback Josh Allen. No team has intercepted Allen (10) or sacked him (24) more in his career. He has nine touchdowns, a 79.0 rating and a 63.2 completion rate. Average stuff.

But Allen will be invigorated by the play-calling switch and throw two first-half touchdowns, James Cook will help control the clock in the second half and Von Miller will get his first sack of the season. Bills, 16-8.

“There he goes. One of God's own prototypes.

A high-powered mutant of some kind, never even considered for mass production.

Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”

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