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Political Correctness is for the Birds


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Someday, God (who is not necessarily male of course) willing, we'll have bird names like the "George Floyd peace dove" and the "BLM eagle" and the "Give Diversity a Chance finch" and the "LGBTQ+ Is for Everybody sparrow" and "It's Ma'am, You Cretin seagull" and so on. 

Some might say that indoctrinating young impressionable minds at schools with information related to identity politics and instilling a sense of shame related to our heritage and history (unless you're non-white) is bringing about the ruin of the American society and the West in general along with it. 

But those people are fools. What's not to like about the bold, impulsive, emotion-based rush to tear apart the fabric of life as we know it to make something new and completely different and experimental which will have unknown and unforeseen long-term consequences?


I understand, by the way, that the following is required viewing at all public schools now in order to teach children to grow up with greater tolerance, compassion and an understanding of the rich assortment of different sexual identities there are to choose from. The hope is that children everywhere will want to aspire to be like the "It's Ma'am" person.


Remember: If it's from the Professor, you know it's got to be good.


The Professor's propaganda is premium propaganda.

The Professor knows stuff.  Lots of stuff, because he's a

professor, or at least thinks he is. So, to reiterate, lots of stuff.

Well, some stuff.  Yeah, that's it.

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