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Covid Vaccine Safety Studies per Pfizer/FDA


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Thought you might be interested in the completion dates for the Pfizer/Comirnaty safety studies.

Children age 12-15 Final report: Oct 2023

Infants & Children 6 mos-12 years Final Report May 2024

Infants under 6 months Final Report: Oct 2024

Myocarditis/Periocarditis issues Final Report: Oct. 2025

Myocarditis/Periocarditis in ages 5-15 Final Report: May 2024

Safety Study of Pregnancy & Infant Outcomes Final Report: Dec. 2025


Glad they are doing safety studies to determine "safe & effective."



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11 hours ago, IrishLass said:

It means most of the safety studies haven't even come out yet.

For something that is 'safe and effective.'

Well we already know it hasn't been EFFECTIVE. That leaves "safe."

Which most of us understand was a blatant lie from the beginning! NOTHING is “safe and effective” for all humans, why the fuck would an experimental substance be deemed that? 

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