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I really liked what I saw from Rousseau, Milano, Gabe, Cook, Daquan, Dalton, Spencer Brown and ....

Crazy Legs

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Could you find negatives today?  If you are a Bills fan, sure.

But, man I like how Greg Rousseau played - both against the pass and run.  And how about that Milano interception?  Sweet.
Daquan exerted a lot of pressure today.    So did Ed Oliver.   And hey Terrel Bernard had an interception. 

Now let's talk Gabe Davis.  Stud  today.  Stud.   Loved it.

Rookie Dalton had another solid game.   Cook ran for over 120 yards, and both Latavius Murray and Damien Harris contributed nicely. 

Can't forget #17.   Really good game.  Both in stats / % completion, but more importantly between the ears!   It really helped that Spencer Brown did a great job against Maxx Crosby.

(okay, need a negative or two to satisfy your pessimistic lust.  IMO Our safeties are starting to look a little on the old side.  And did you notice Trent Sherfield has had ZERO targets after 2 weeks.   I bet everyone thought he would be more of a factor this year)

Go Bills !

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