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Terrel Bernard - Film Study vs the JETS. His grade isn't that bad.

Crazy Legs

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Film study by COVER 1 on how well Bernard performed against the Jets.   IF you watched the film study, he didn't play that bad.  Especially against the pass.   He did have some decent run stops, while there were a couple of times he got washed out on run plays.    NOTE   His average depth of tackles was only 1 yard.   I think Tremaine's was 4-5 yards. 




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25 minutes ago, Crazy Legs said:

There is a chance that when we get to the end of the year, and you compare Bernard's stats/performance to what Tremaine Edmunds did in 2022, you may find they are pretty similar. 


better than a chance.  Its a certainty.  Edmunds was the most overrated player in NFL history.  He wasnt just oveerrated, he was flat out not good.    He had 6 TFL the entire 2022 season, which was arguably his best.   A $20 million per year LB making a TFL every 3 games.    He wasnt missed at all on Monday and wont be missed at all even if Bernard doesnt play great.

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I didn't notice him much but Joe Moraino said on WGR this morning that Bernard didn't recognize the Bills were lined up wrong on the long hall run. That was his main criticism although he did say he got blocked a few times on run plays but that is going to happen from time to time.

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