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Jets punt return touchdown should have been called back


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According to Pro Football Reference, the Buffalo Bills’ 22-16 loss Monday night to the New York Jets was only the third time since 1994 that an overtime game ended with a punt return touchdown.

Jets rookie Xavier Gipson won it with a 65-yard return after the Bills started overtime with a three-and-out.

A breakdown of the play, which included a missed penalty on the Jets, according to ESPN rules analyst John Parry:

• Punter Sam Martin’s hang time was 3.90 seconds over a distance of 42 yards. When Gipson caught the punt, there was not a Bills defender within 10 yards of him, a result of the below-average hang time (4.00 seconds is the standard).

  • The first Bills player with a shot was Cam Lewis, who beat his block (Adrian Amos), but Gipson made a quick stutter-step move inside to avoid Lewis’ tackle attempt.
  • The Bills were all out of sorts in terms of their pursuit lanes. Gipson wasn’t touched again until the 15-yard line.
  • Right gunner Siran Neal took a bad angle inside and was blocked by Ashtyn Davis, losing outside contain. Gipson was now clear to turn the corner.
  • The Jets’ Chazz Surratt was a one-man convoy as Gipson started down the sideline.
  • And then a potential penalty. At the 30-yard line, Surratt whiffed on his block of the Bills’ Quintin Morris, but as he was falling, appeared to trip Morris. On the ESPN broadcast, Parry said: “You’ve got to put an asterisk on it. There’s a tripping call that was not made. A trip, a leg whip, on No. 55 (Surratt), which would have brought the touchdown back.” Had that penalty been called, the Jets would have started their drive at the Bills’ 40.
  • With Morris out of the way, the last Bills defender with a shot was Martin at the 15, but he went high and Gipson ran through his attempt.

Game over.

“There just wasn’t enough bodies down there,” Bills coach Sean McDermott said. “Give them credit. That was a good return, but not enough population around the football.”

The only other two times since ’94 with an overtime walk-off punt return touchdown was in 1995 (Kansas City’s Tamarick Vanover for 86 yards against the San Diego Chargers) and 2011 (Arizona’s Patrick Peterson 99 yards against the St. Louis Rams).

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The Bills flat out deserved to lose that game. 

Rodgers goes down on 1st series of the game....in comes Wilson who sucks.

Allen 5 sacks, 3 interceptions and 1 lost fumble.  Against a team with a good offense, this would have been a blowout. 

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5 minutes ago, travolta said:

Who cares. Easy FG to win.


yeah.  The penalty was at the 23.  All that would have done was delay the inevitable.  Greg Z has a bomb for a leg.  49 yards is no sweat, not to mention the easy yards their run game gets after the penalty to make it a chip shot.





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16 minutes ago, miamibillsnut said:


Bills sucked, should have never been in that position, but there were certainly a trio of “calls” or “no calls” on the Bills drive in OT that most certainly affected the outcome of the game! Diggs penalty on Gardner (good call), D.J. Reeds P.I. on Diggs (missed call), ? tripping call on Jefferson (missed call).

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3 hours ago, travolta said:

Who cares. Easy FG to win.








The supposed trip occurred at around the 15 yard line. So what ?? The ball comes back to the 30 or so? Game over anyway. 

Bills fan for life!! ................

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