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The Buffalo Bills grossly miscalculated the loss of Tremaine Edmunds

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2 hours ago, Tanqueray Ten said:

in McDermott's system...

I'm curious as to how he does this season.

good point w Frazier gone and McD in charge of the D, Tremain usage and play will forever be an unknown now.

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cba fan

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19 hours ago, nealpellecchia@yahoo said:

What winning coach would have kept him around that long while building a team?

His performance vs cost just continued to go in opposite directions. Look what Chicago paid him. He ain’t worth it. 

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On 8/26/2023 at 9:31 AM, SackMan518 said:

This Matt Byham guy has no clue about the Buffalo Bills and tying up all that money for Edmunds who will not live up to that contract. He plays like Jane but looks like Tarzan, that's the deal on Edmunds. Have fun in Chicago!


is this thread about Tremaine Edmonds or LeBron James?  Confused here…

Also - I love it when cheesy movies get quoted and people don’t give the proper credit.  

BTW - I do love that movie but it IS cheesy as hell…

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On 8/25/2023 at 6:56 PM, rcas0308 said:

Edmunds stunk against the run and wasn't good in man coverage either. Sure he knew the Defense and called in the plays. Not a big deal once things come together 

He over ran that swing pass against us and the guy ended up getting 8 yards, instead of 3-4 thanks to Tremaine, lol. I won't miss him. 

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Edmunds is the most over-rated MLB I ever remember the Bills ever having on their roster.  Hope the door didn't hit him on the ass on his way outta town.  Good fucking riddance.   Chicago was the team that made the mistake.  But good for the Bills dumping his ass. 

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Lol at the hate. 


Have you seen Dodson?


Edmunds wasn't exactly carving out a HOF career but some people act like he was playing on crutches out there. Ridiculous. And btw I understand why he had to not be resigned. This isn't a complain. 

Bills fan for life!! ................

I love beer, rum, scotch and women !! :rockon:

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Edmunds is the only hard to replace player I can think of that Buffalo allowed to leave in free agency. They’ve been great at retaining talent otherwise. Matt Milano is one of those players who stayed with the Bills when he could have gotten more money elsewhere. Edmunds wanted the big payday and the Bills apparently didn’t think he was worth the cap space. Fans who weren’t big on Edmunds should give Buffalo’s front office credit for that. I’m sure they would have kept him if we were willing to sign a team friendly contract. 

The Bears will likely continue to be mediocre. 

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