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14 minutes ago, bv said:

Cant the media pick on another team?

I seriously think they are doing this on purpose.

a. You had the Diggs thing from earlier in the summer 

b. Media wasn’t happy that it didn’t cause the shit storm they hoped it would 

c. Stephen A. Smith then sees how the starting offense looked like absolute dogshit Saturday and gets this stupid idea. 

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5 minutes ago, mixum said:

Where there’s smoke…..

Not exactly gonna agree with this….BUT 

I do think Stephen A. Smith is laying down the groundwork. When things don’t go Diggs way this season he can throw a match on top of the heap and watch it burn.


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Probably some truth to this. SaS didn't say Diggs wants to be traded. He basically said Diggs was not happy with how the last 3 years ended. 

Makes since since Diggs is 30 and probably sees his SB window closing and wants to win one. As long as Bills have JA, their window will always be open but Diggs said himself that he has more football behind him than in front of him. 

So no, he doesn't want out and can't get out for the next 3 years but he does want to win.

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