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Punt god on next on NEWS NATION Now... 4:47pm Wednesday

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He basically said his life got ruined and he can't even get a job.

He said he'd agree not to sue the girl if she agreed/didn't sue him but he will NOT agree to not sue her attorney, matter of fact he has hired an attorney to do just that--SUE HER ATTORNEY. 

He also said there's been some interest from a couple teams but still standing by waiting for a tryout.

News Nation is a newer nationwide news channel, not local channel. I'm not sure which direction it leans--maybe left, because I think Chris Cuomo and Dan Abrams are on it. I was just going thru the channels and found it, never watched it before. Bill O' Reilly will be on Cuomo tonight at 8pm EDT.

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Just for reference, when those accusations hit, Araiza had won the Bills punter job and secured a four-year deal at $1MM per year.

For further reference, the $4MM he would've hypothetically made is the equivalent to making $100K a year for 40 years.

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This is bull.

Only a couple teams interested. Can't get a job.

The NFL is full of actual thugs.

I doubt it would be hard for him to find any job. Most football fans know he's not guilty of anything.

Interesting how right after he hit the news. SDSU went on to final four 

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