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12-Year-Old Charged With Murder, Accused of Killing Sonic Employee

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12-Year-Old Charged With Murder, Accused of Killing Sonic Employee


Man gunned down after confrontation with a man who was urinating in the parking lot, police say


A 12-year-old and a 20-year-old are both facing a murder charge after a restaurant employee was gunned down during an altercation with a customer Saturday night in Keene.

Flowers and a cross now stand outside the Sonic Drive-In on Old Betsy Road in Keene. It’s a growing memorial to Matthew Davis, a 32-year-old employee and father who was shot and killed while on the job Saturday night.

According to a statement from Keene Police, the shooting happened at about 9:40 p.m. Saturday. That's when Keene Police Chief James Kidd said Davis confronted a customer, identified as 20-year-old Angel Gomez, for urinating in the parking lot.

The confrontation turned physical and a 12-year-old who was in Gomez’s car pulled out an assault rifle and fired six rounds at Davis, Kidd said....



More exercising of American Freedoms -- this time at a Sonic in Texas and next time perhaps a Dairy Queen in Buttfuck, Illinois.




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