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My pre-draft general feelings (just wanted to put it on record, and no need to waste a click if you're the type co complain about long posts)

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Hi, I figured I would stop in and put some points on record, though this turned out to be longer than I know most prefer, I would have likely written far more if I hadn’t stayed away and delivered it in one dose. Like much of the time since my return right before the Perfect Game, I have no idea if I will look at any replies. Like folks’ mock drafts, it’s here if you want to read it. I hope everyone is well.



Last spring, I think I was the only one who noted DT as the position the Bills could potentially get the most gains from. I think most were on CB, and I won’t fault them for that(I had it a close 2nd). The names Beane got left me underwhelmed, but as time went on DaQuan Jones proved to be an important and very successful move by Beane. He did not miss a game the entire season until the final game, and you know how that went(granted his absence was far from all that was wrong, but I think it made a big difference that most on here seemed to neglect mentioning when defining season, and even organization by one game).


The “usual suspects”, a handful of whom try their best to demean the Bills at every possible point(even when 2 other teams are playing lol) did make some good points about the lack of pressures and sacks after Von Miller went down. Being Settle is more of a 3 tech DT who can play 1 tech, and Jones is getting a bit long in the tooth and is only contract for this coming season(not to mention the decent chance of Ed Oliver over at 3 tech not being with the team past this season), I think DT might be an area to keep an eye on.


Of course I want the offense to get better, and it actually has already. But investment-wise at this point, the shiny objects are not nearly a need. OJ Simpson, if I reall correctly, didn’t do that well until the Bills improved their OL. Barring any player highly graded by the Bills slipping, the teenage girls would be foolish to get their hopes up for a shiny object early. Look at the team some of you talk like you’re actually (very) thinly veiled fans of, KC. Did they go out looking for “weapons”? No! They got rid of one of the best of such in the NFL, got a RB in the 7th, improved their….defense….and won the Super Bowl(with some help from the refs in the AFC championship, which reminds me of possibly my favorite Range memory of the season, the haters and I suddenly not discussing one singular word of such the rest of the game, but rather how obvious the one-sidedness was. I still want to offer an olive branch of peace to those guys, if they will have it).


Quickly on Brown. That could prove to be one of the more difficult things for Beane to deal with. He did well as a rookie, but coming off of surgery and missing the entire offseason, it shouldn’t have surprised anyone he struggled early. I was hoping he would show more later in the season, but I think it is too early to give up on him. Heck, that type of thinking might logically say that the Bills should give up on Kromer as well. I recall reading Brown was hands down the most athletic right(or any?) OT in the NFL. He’s a guy that like Groot(Rousseau), and too a lesser extent Elam(who a made a point to say so after he was drafted) has a very high ceiling, butweren’t going to give what some others would right away. It’s also worth noting that when the Bills did run, they got the highest gains running behind him(off the top of my head, I think 7.5ypc). The guy has attitude too, which some may remember was a key component a couple of seasons back when the OL became a strength, with Feliciano being that element of the chemistry. First round isn’t where guards are generally taken, but I suppose if they can get someone flexible between guard and center(OBD seems to value flexibility), getting Morse’s eventual replacement who can play G wouldn’t bother me. Bates seemed to be a solid backup at center, and may even be better there than he was a G last season, so Beane has some leeway.


I guess that leaves one potentially/semi-shiny object, a tight end. For those reaming Dorsey similarly to the way many of those same people reamed Daboll, it moght pay to remember he was expecting to be able to run 2 tight end sets, but the surprising Howard ordeal, that was quite a curveball for many Ocs, let alone a rookie. I wanted Tommy Sweeny(and his mustache, remember that article/fan-fiction? Lol) to work out, but this might be the top offensive spot the Bills can upgrade in. They are not a running team and just spent a 2nd rd pick on one, and as I’ve said before last season, guys like Allen and Mahomes are weapons manufacturers. I stand firmly behind that. With Dorsey and Kromer having a year under their belt in the system, upgrades already at OL, Cook now having earned HCSM’s(trust? Overcoming what some folks in the shoutbox said likely gave him the Gilmore face[being stoned out of his freaking gourd]?, or whatever), I think he will be fun to watch(yet will likely have those who called for more of him early in the season when they ran of out things to complain about cursing at him at times, like they do with most anyone who gets time, even Von Miller).


Josh’s arm wil be healed, that will be huge. That may take care of some of the internal stuff I noted, but as someone else noted, it seemed to start before that(don’t recall who it was, just that they were generally hateful...but I give credit where it is due). And by the way, even for suh a horrible offensive season, as JFA17 pointed out himself, the numbers were eerily similar to the previous season.


Injuries. Yes, “every” team has them, but I saw an article that weighted not just downs missed, but the quality of player missing the downs, and to summarize the Bills were something like 4th or 5th most effected by that. I’m happy for Sam Martin, but I am not sure what direction Daryl will be going with the curse, and if the people on here who had a hand in wrongly destroying a young man’s career/life(and that of his family as well, who had everything including death threats aimed at them) have renounced their harmful hatred, but I sure hope the curse is another element that has already improved from last season. Not only did I pay attention to when he made the announcement, but I also did before the fateful MNF game where he mentioned it would play a part. Laugh at the guy, but it seems like many on here would be happy to be sniffing the Mendoza Line, especially if “real” life issues were included.


That beings up another ethical part that I think put a cloud over the spirit of the organization, as well as had an effect on the play for certain, #11.When they actually have him on the field and throw the ball to him, he still plays at a high level. He’s proven that, but similar to TB and Daboll the prior season, it seems like he is one of those patents that gets bought just to be buried. I’d love for the Bills to give me the chance not to be solidly correct, knowing the glee of a handful of the hateful would be aimed at me if I was around. I’m fairly confident it wouldn’t be a concern, and regardless I might do a thread on him at some point if I’m around and feel like it. If the Jets somehow do something costly to the Bills this season, those same haters and the Green Bay GM will be who I’m thanking(while possibly having a chuckle).


Defense? You’re probably tired of reading, but I’ve already noted the tackles, as well as the words of the weekly Anti-Bills Mafia in the Shoutbox, who say we could use an upgrade at DE as well. As much as I don’t like to agree with that handful of members too often, if BPA(or relatively close) is a DE, Beane may end up giving you guys what you asked for.


Quick shout out to @junglesouljah, if you are still out there and somehow just lurking. Haven’t read much Bills stuff lately, but saw an article maybe an hour ago about interest in a RB. KC was also mentioned as a name, and Bills fans who are actually hoping for such(early) should be thankful to KC as being a glaring example of it being “lying season”. FWIW, I\d like a RB, but the Bills are not a running team, as I’m guessing numerous folks have posted, the OL, Dorsey, Kromer, and other factors can help with that.


I’m also rather excited with DCLF’s being gone if indeed Coach McDermott gets some of those thread bumpers a mountainous task of bumping all the claims he calls the same or similar defense as Frazier.


I think maybe a month or so ago a former Bill said the team was already a very good team last season, and after the first phase of free agency they were even better. To clarify DT still potentially being the key upgrade, good DT play makes the LB’s jobs easier, and maybe there will be less Nickel Roby this season partly because of the departure of Edmunds, and look at it as a stop gap for now. I don’t think many here would argue the better DT play last season helped Edmunds have his best season, and I really don’t want to see the Bills reach in a thin draft for the position has been said is their only obvious hole.


TL;DR: Beane and staff have done well enough to this point that I will be fine with almost anything they do this season, and might smile if along with addressing DT early, he answers the weekly Shoutbox demonization by throwing in some new blood at DE. OT, doubt he gives up on Brown now, who’s had very little career experience at the position. Heck, in HS I think they played something like 8 on 8, he’s switched positions, sat out a year because of the ignorance of others.

I left out earlier that @spikedlemonade at least had DT as the 1st rd pick last season, and comment that the one point I popped in quickly maybe a few weeks ago, I agreed with @whorlnut who correctly said Beane generally does not leave holes(which made member just about lose it, for some reason).


Go Beane(and every person who works with him, even if that includes shadow Von Miller, and his son who helped during the laughable nonsense in the basement), Go Bills!!



PS I cant help but chuckle wondering if there are still however many wanting pick 27(and whatever else Denver gave up) to be HC Sean Payton. I get the logic, but think some likely misvalue both Seans.

Andy did you hear about this one?-REM . "I don't think I'm easy to talk about. I've got a very irregular head. And I'm not anything that you think I am anyway". -Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd. Rolling Stone, December 1971.  https://nativeamericanchurches.org/ My Adopt A Bill is Stefon Diggs  My 2nd Adopt A Bill is Christian Wade(he gets an exemption and doesn't require a spot) :)    Being staff seemed unable to train an elite legend how to run, Cole Beasley is my backup.   (I doubt that explanation is wanted).

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