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DeAndre Hopkins to Buffalo Bills trade speculation bubbles as NFL draft approaches

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With the NFL draft set to begin Thursday, speculation continues to intensify that the Arizona Cardinals will trade wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins before the weekend is over. 

Among the teams said to be involved in trade talks is the Buffalo Bills. With various reports and interviews out there in the last day or so, consider this a handy update of the smoke around Hopkins to the Bills, with a reminder from Brandon Beane.

“What I would say is Social media is social media,' " the Bills GM said at the NFL meetings last month. "Don’t take that too far. ... Our name gets thrown in the hat on a lot of things that sometimes we’ve done 1% (of the time). One person made one call, and they’ve looped us in that we’re all over him and we’ve offered him a contract. It's funny, sometimes."

Earlier on Wednesday, Von Miller, the Bills defensive end who is a friend/workout partner of Hopkins, did a series of interviews as part of his involvement in a campaign to encourage NFL teams to use grass fields.

Asked by Kay Adams on FanDuel TV if he had any "breaking news" on Hopkins' status, Miller said: "I don't have no breaking news for you right now, but there's definitely been conversations. We just have to figure it out. ... It's one of those things, especially when it's one my boys, it's easy to get excited about those guys. Of course, he's on another a team. There's so many different elements to really make it happen. I feel like with Hopkins, we're really in a good spot, we have to just see what happens."

Later, Miller spoke to CBS Sports and was asked about Hopkins in relation to wide receiver Stefon Diggs: "It would be great to have great players on the team, especially my boys. It just means a little bit more when your guys have an opportunity to play for the team you're on, man. We got a great team. We (have current Bills wide receiver) Gabe Davis, and (if the Bills add) DeAndre Hopkins on that list, that will put us over the top. So he knows we want to be there, and we know he wants to be a Buffalo Bill."

Hopkins speaks, in the past

Timing being everything, a clip was posted on social media Wednesday from an interview Hopkins did two weeks ago with Fantasy Football Today. 

The portion of the clip leads with Hopkins talking about how his favorite catch in his career was the "Hail Murray" in 2020, when Hopkins elevated over three Bills players for a game-winning touchdown catch from quarterback Kyler Murray.

“Love the Buffalo Bills. Love everything about the organization," Hopkins continued. "Love Josh Allen. You know, love Stefon Diggs. Love all those guys."

Host Dave Richard noted that Hopkins "kind of went in on Buffalo." He said he wasn't asking a question but making a statement and said that Hopkins seemed to be complimentary of the Bills. 

"I think I'm undefeated against Buffalo in my career (actually 3-1). I like the organization. They always give me a hard test." 

In four games against the Bills, Hopkins has 22 catches for 342 yards and four touchdowns.

Next came word from Pacman Jones during the Pat McAfee Show, with Jones noting that his "sources said that something might be happening with the Chiefs or the Bills," on Wednesday night or Thursday. 

Jones has previously said the Baltimore Ravens were interested in a Hopkins trade, and speculation Wednesday had the New York Giants being a potential suitor. 

Potential trades

Earlier in the week, Pro Football Focus' Brad Spielberger listed a Hopkins-to-Buffalo deal among six realistic trade predictions involving veterans during the draft. He proposed Hopkins to the Bills in exchange for their third-round pick (No. 91) and a sixth-round pick.

Spielberger noted the challenge related to Hopkins' contract. He is due to make $19.45 million in 2023. 

"Hopkins tweeted and then deleted that he was not looking for a new contract. If true, Arizona should be able to get a decent return here – around a third-round pick – especially if the Cardinals are willing to retain some of Hopkins’ $19.45 million 2023 salary," he wrote.

Another idea being floated around is Hopkins and the Cardinals' second-round pick (No. 34 overall) for the Bills' first-round pick at No. 27. 

It is unclear how much money the Cardinals would need to absorb, and it likely suggests that the Bills feel there is not much difference between the player they could get at No. 27 and the one they could get at No. 34. A first-round pick carries a four-year deal with a fifth-year option, versus a four-year deal for the second-round pick. 

Depending on which trade value chart you use, that would be the equivalent of Arizona getting a fourth-rounder.

“There he goes. One of God's own prototypes.

A high-powered mutant of some kind, never even considered for mass production.

Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”

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If all it takes is a drop down of 7 spots, basically a 5th year option to get the deal done, then I'd really hope they'd figure out a way to make the contract work. I do think the Bills want to wait though, see if one of the guys they like is there for them when they pick 

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If they can get Hopkins, then I think it would benefit Davis the most. He would go to WR-3 and would probably have a monster year as Diggs and Hopkins would be getting the opposing teams top corners. Not to mention if they double Diggs then Hopkins has single coverage and vice versa. 

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Only way I see Hop coming to Buffalo is if Arizona retains a huge amount of salary.   I think if all the 1st round talent is off the board by pick 20 then you might see Buffalo trade back for Arizon's 2nd and Hop.  

Yes he would be a monster addition for two or three years...

If they trade back into the second with Zona....probably looking at a LB to replace Edmunds....then a TE or O line with our own 2nd round pick.

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