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DBTB Open Thread - Week of 3/27 | Still Alive?

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It might only be mathematical, but the Sabres are still in it.

Once again the Buffalo Sabres have pulled back into the Eastern Conference wildcard race seemingly having corrected their slump with two straight wins beating Metro Division contenders New Jersey Devils and then their direct wildcard rivals New York Islanders.

This week the schedule does get a bit softer, but as we’ve already learned, Buffalo cannot really take any opponents for granted with how they’ve been playing recently. It starts with home games against the Habs and then the Rags, followed by a trip to the Broad St bullies.

Mon Mar 27th - Buffalo Sabres vs Montreal Canadiens (29-38-6, 8th Atl Div), 7pm ET

Fri Mar 31st - Buffalo Sabres vs New York Rangers (43-20-10, 3rd Met Div), 7pm ET

Sat Apr 1st - Buffalo Sabres at Philadelphia Flyers (28-32-12, 7th Met Div), 7pm ET

We are still on the Vox platform this week, but a reminder that at the end of the month we will be changing to our new platform on Ghost, and you will need this URL to come to DBTB - https://die-by-the-blade.ghost.io/.

More here on the new home of Die By The Blade.

Use the comments below to discuss goings-on with the Sabres and what should be a pretty busy week in the NHL.

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My Adopt A Sabre:Patrick Kaleta

My Adopt a Buffalo Bandit: John Tavares


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