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Yet Another School Mass Shooting -- 3 Children and 3 Adults Slaughtered in Nashville by a FEMALE with 2 Assault Weapons and a Hand Gun

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1 minute ago, ICRockets2 said:

That's how much of an alpha Rich regards me as

Well now that I'm Satan, it should be really easy to turn all these conservatives gay. Well, at least the ones that aren't closeted gays already. There probably won't be much work to do on this board.


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22 minutes ago, f8ta1ity54 said:

Nope. I'm Satan. I would make you gay, but you already are. 

Now your kids are gay though. You're welcome.

ok. Now crawl back up ICR butt where you belong. 

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1 minute ago, f8ta1ity54 said:

You don't have any power over Satan. I do what I want. Now your grandkids will be trans. 

lol. I have kids. Good thing you dont. The world is a better place with less like you.

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On 3/27/2023 at 6:34 PM, HipKat said:

Pictures speak 1000 words

The Republican rep for the district the shooting took place in.


If the school wasnt a gun free zone, the tranny wouldn't have been dead before the cops even got there.

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These perpetrators all go down the same common pathway to violence.  They are, number one, suicidal at the time of the attack.  Their early childhood is chaotic often times involving violence in the home, developing into a crisis point where their behavior is changing to violence. They seek out attention in a sinister way.  To do their final act, they study other mass shootings and envelope the acts of others into their own grievances and seek out places they feel their grievances represent their own injustice from the world.  Suicide is a big psychological ingredient. They hate themselves and transfer that hate onto others.  They then seek out an institution or individuals they feel represents their grievance with the world and act out on it.  They seek out those they feel are to blame for the way they feel.  They are looking for fame and notoriety by plotting these public spectacles.  Their goal is to make the history books.  At some point in their progression of warped thinking, the cruelty and horror of what they are doing is how they feel they can obtain infamy. 

Conceivably, there is a point along this pathway that is the perfect marker to stop the perpetrator on this downward spiral before we get to the actual malevolent action. 

The more society can focus on the victims or the heroes that disrupt or stop these tragedies, the better off we are in shackling the culprit’s predilection to such a violent and evil finality. 

In the home, as much as we have to be aware of drug problems or drug related behaviors, we have to also be more aware of what the kids are doing both on the internet and elsewhere.  Involvement and loving interaction and parenting are needed.  It is tougher in today’s world to be sure.  Both parents (where there are two) must work to support our children’s development. 

Paraphrasing Forensic Psychologist, Professor of Criminology, Dr.Julian Peterson, Co-author of “The Violence Project”.  The Violence Project - How to Stop a Mass Shooting Epidemic - Our Book


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30 minutes ago, f8ta1ity54 said:

I'll have your kids send a letter from hell. 

Am I supposed to be angry about your post? LOL


Every time you look in the mirror , you'll always see someone that no one wants to touch which is why you dont have kids. LOL.

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