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Defensive Players Brandon Beane may select in the 1st and 2nd rounds of the draft.

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If we assume Beane and McDermott ignore fans, and Josh, and draft Defense in the early rounds, who might they target?

1st round

CB  Let's assume he won't go CB.  
Linebacker    IMO Doubtful at pick 27  
The linebackers Trenton Simpson, Drew Sanders and Jack Campbell all are projected to be drafted in the 2nd round.
EDGE  Luke Van Ness, Will McDonald, Tuli Tuipulotu and Derick Hall are possibles.
DT   The only one at 27 might be Mazi Smith, but he is more of a 2nd rounder.

2nd round

DT   Mazi SmithSiaki IkaJaquelin Roy and Keeanu Benton.   Beane may like all these guys.
EDGE  BJ OjulariFelix Anudike-UzomahNolan Smith and Isaiah Foskey.   (Some might not be the right body type)
Linebacker Trenton Simpson, Drew Sanders and Jack Campbell
SAF     Antonio Johnson, JL Skinner, Jordan Battle, Jartavius Martin, and Ji'Ayir Brown

CAVET.  The Bills pick at the BOTTOM of the first and second rounds.  That could force taking a player one round early.
But the better solution would be to trade back from pick 27, into the top of the 2nd round, plus get an extra pick. 

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15 hours ago, Tanqueray Ten said:

I think that either the late 4th or the early 5th has been earmarked for a safety.

They have to do something at safety.

1)  You can't have Damar Hamlin as your first backup at safety.  Which is how it looks on the depth chart right now.

2)  If Hyde or Poyer gets hurt, and misses an extended amount of time?  We are screwed.

3)  Hyde and Poyer are going to retire sooner rather than later.    We need to have at least one, if not two guys, in the pipeline.

4)  I would leave Christian Benford at corner.   He showed he has the chops to be a CB in the NFL.
However if we miss completely on a safety in the draft, Benford might have to cross train at safety.

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