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NFL rumors: AFC contender revealed as top Ezekiel Elliott suitor

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Ezekiel Elliott could go from the Dallas Cowboys to the Buffalo Bills this offseason.

With Ezekiel Elliott out of a job, do not be shocked if the former Dallas Cowboys star running back resurfaces on a contending team like the Buffalo Bills.

Although Elliott’s days of being a bell-cow back are probably long behind him, he still offers tremendous value across the league for his versatile play in the backfield. Not only can he run between the tackles, but he is an adept pass-catcher and will get in front of somebody in pass protection. As for the Buffalo fit, the Bills need to figure out the ground game to save Josh Allen.

Matt Lombardo of Heavy Sports reported on Friday evening that the Bills may be a fit for Elliott.

He cited that Buffalo is looking for a bigger back, and one would think Elliott checks that box.
Until Buffalo can develop a ground game outside of Allen carrying it himself, the Bills will never win the AFC. It is why they have to exhaust all resources to make sure that they get this right.

NFL rumors: Buffalo Bills are a solid fit for Ezekiel Elliott in his NFL free agency

For the time being, the Bills are among the holy triumvirate atop the AFC. Unfortunately, Buffalo is clearly third behind the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals. While Cincinnati could regress in some capacity this year, Kansas City is not slowing down any time soon. This is why the Bills have to strike while the iron is hot, overtake Cincinnati and be ready for battle vs. Kansas City.

Look. As soon as the Cowboys used the franchise tag on Tony Pollard, Elliott’s days in Dallas were over. Although Dak Prescott may not have loved losing his draft classmate, the NFL is a business after all. He also lost his former teammate and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore to a similar role with the Los Angeles Chargers. For now, it is time for Elliott to start his next chapter in the NFL.

Ultimately, Buffalo is not a bad place to land if you are a prospective free agent with serious championship aspirations. The Bills have been a top-eight franchise in the league for half a decade now. Although they have not broken through just yet, they certainly have what it takes if they can put it all together. However, it is imperative they get the ground game in order before it is too late.

Perhaps Elliott can help the Bills overcome their inefficiencies in the ground game by going there?

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The only interest I've heard is coming from the reporters, basically throwing it out there since Beane said he wants a bigger back, so they throw it out there and act like they know....I wouldn't hate it, if he came very cheap, could be a guy that could get that 1-2 yards in short yardage situations, but I'd rather not

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On the plus side Star Wars fans will love the signing!


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I'd be fine with Zeke being the Bills short yardage back at a low price but I worry he wouldn't be happy with the minimal amount of carries he'd be getting.

Would he accept a role where he was getting under 10 carries a game?

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