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I'm going in for eye surgery tomorrow...


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1 hour ago, SpikedLemonade said:

SHIVA -- I NEVER asked but did you slip the eye surgeon a $100 bill to get the bionic eye?



Nah, I sprung for this package...


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"The Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful information campaign to date." ~ Gen. Mark (Killer) Kimmitt



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The "top eye guy" in Toronto is no doubt someone willing to work at a very low rate that Canadian government "healthcare" will allow. Cancel that procedure immediately and come to the United States where you will receive the best surgeons who are paid correctly. It turns out that when surgeons are paid correctly the patient tends to enjoy the best that medicine has to offer. The best doctors in Canada are reserved for voluntary surgeries such as plastic surgery etc., government healthcare sucks.

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