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Lit -- This Forum is Simply Unreadable Without the IGNORE Function Working


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On 2/22/2023 at 3:14 AM, HipKat said:

It's bullshit. I don't need or want to see the stupidity that comes from trolls like Fanback, Shiva and TWD

What bs? 

Sports is staged and govt is a corrupt liar. I've been right the entire time.

Both sides of govt are on the same team.

So basically you just enjoy lying to yourself.

I told you buffalo would lose in playoffs and I was right. I'm practically the messiah here.

So you're just in denial

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On 2/22/2023 at 9:39 AM, SpikedLemonade said:

I understand where you are coming from.

Then again you and I have and are living real lives — married, fathered children, significant careers — whereas some of the assholes here have really nothing to show for their life’s work others than the things they type here on The Range behind their computer screen hiding like cowards that they would NEVER have the courage to say to a person face-to-face in real life.

Can you imagine what would happen to them in real life if they called a Black person a monkey in person?

Time and place

I'll meet you halfway, tubby

Guess who won't show?

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2 hours ago, Very Wide Right said:

In conclusion then, I will be FUCKING my wife when I get home! Thats IF she's still there





What a fucking goober! If that doesn’t look like a short-bus riding, window licking, helmet wearing mental patient 🤤!!

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On 2/22/2023 at 6:42 AM, Very Wide Right said:

Im sure you have had a significant career you clown, here is some of your work and mentality

Comments and threats from Spiked last night,       So YOU FUCKING PIECE OF HUMAN TAINT,   FUCK YOIUR MOTHER IN HER ASS AND YOUR SISTER IN HER NOSTRILS,  YOU FUCKIN' BLEEDING CUNT,  FUCK YOUR GRANDMOTHER ,  I WOULD PUNCH YOU SO HARD YOUR COUSINS YOU FUCKED WOULD FEEL IT,   IF I HAD ANY LESS RESPECT FOR YOU, YOU WOULD BE DOG SHIT,  I RESPECT MY DOGS SHIT MORE THAN YOU,  JT I AM 6'2" AND TRAINED IN MARTIAL ARTS,  BIG COWARD BEHIND YOUR COMPUTER,  HOW TALL ARE YOU JT?,  DO YOU HAVE SOME FIGHTING TRAINING?,  IN A JUNGLE WORLD, I AM WIPING MY ASS WITH YOU,  DO YIUR THINK YOU COULD SURVIVE IN THAT WORLD?,  LITTLE BITCHES HIDING BEHIND THERI MAMA'S SKIRTS,  I WON'T RAISE THE ISSUE OF GUNS BECAUSE I WANT TO FEEL ONE'S BLOOD IN MY HANDS,  I WANT TO FEEL YOUR BRAIN MATTER UNDERFOOT,  SO WHY DON'T YOU FIRST MEET HIP FACE TO FACE AND IF THERE IS ANYTHING LEFT OF YOU AFTER, I WILL SEND YOU TO YOUR MAMA ONE PIECE AT A TIME EACH MONTH FOR 3 YEARS,  To reach me I will tell you how...   First you need to cross the Canadian Border,  Do you have a valid and current passport?  Are you vaccinated enough to cross?  My guess is that an idiot like you can't even cross the Canadian Border,   So let's say you do cross the border and find my house,   14 security cameras,  12 strong solar lights hooked to motion,  Then 3 deadbolts,   3 large dogs -- 160 lb Male Great Dane and two little guys at 80 lbs each and growing,  Can't wait to put you on Ignore you little bitch,     Comments made by Spiked last night, pure comedy for everyone to enjoy.  


Serious question. Is this considered a normal bowel movement?

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On 2/23/2023 at 1:59 PM, SpikedLemonade said:

Another lie.

Where is your wife?

You seem obsessed with mine.

I will be fucking my wife next week upon my return.

someones triggered. too late, she was seen with some Haitian in Kipling and Steeles ave W , Toronto. 

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Enough has been said to Lit by KuntLip and myself with respect to the IGNORE function NOT currently working.

As I said in the Chat Box on Friday, clearly Lit's attention is elsewhere and fixing this is simply NOT a priority to him if indeed it requires fixing or simply needs to be put back on.

How the IGNORE function came to stop working could be one of numerous possibilities.  

It could be that it is merely a technical issue that needs to be resolved.

It could be that for the sheer amusement of a message board owner that the IGNORE function was intentionally disabled.

It could be other reasons.

Nonetheless, I made a promise of what I would be doing to bring this issue to a head and today is Day One.




Do Your Part to Improve The Range -- Please put the TRIO OF TRUMP FLUFFERSTM  on IGNORE

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