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WR Gabe Davis' draft scouting report from 2020

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It is sometimes valuable to look back at the scouting report for a prospect coming out of college.  This one was done by SBNation - BigBlueView (NY Giants site)
IMO the scouting report is pretty accurate.  Gabe is doing about what he was projected to do in the NFL.  He is a very fine #3/#4 WR.    Fans were disappointed with him this year because he was asked to be a strong #2, but that is not his skill set.  . 

SCOUTING REPORT Central Florida receiver Gabriel Davis is an outside receiving prospect with good size and athleticism. Davis is primarily used as an outside receiver and is able to get good releases off the line of scrimmage against both man and zone coverage. He wastes little motion getting into his routes and shows a high football IQ throughout the route itself.  Davis is also adept at drawing defensive pass interference penalties to create hidden yardage for his offense. Davis has a good ability to track the football in the air, adjusting his routes and making body adjustments at the catch point. 

Davis lacks truly explosive athleticism. He doesn’t appear to have a true “second gear” running in the open field and can be brought down from behind. He also lacks a sudden burst out of his breaks and can be disrupted by physical play from defensive backs. Davis can also suffer from concentration drops and occasionally gets his hands crossed and not make the catch cleanly.

Overall Grade: 5.9 - An above-average prospect. A good value late on the second day of the draft.


Gabriel Davis has the potential to become a starting receiver in the NFL fairly early in his career. He has the frame and technical savvy to play on the line of scrimmage as well as off as a Flanker, and win against both man and zone coverages. Davis doesn’t have the elite athleticism to be a true vertical threat and while he can pick up yards after the catch, he shouldn’t be depended on to do so regularly. 

OLine 2023 Draft Prospects                     Free Agent Targets

O'Cyrus Torrence, 6'5" 345lbs                OG Evan Brown, Lions
Darnell Wright, 6'6", 335lbs                      OG Will Hernandez, Cardinals
John M Schmitz, 6'4", 320lbs                   WR Parris Campbell, Colts
Cody Mauch, 6'5" 305lbs                          SAF Nasir Adderley, Chargers
Matthew Bergeron, 6'5" 323lbs


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