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Here it is: What happened in Green Bay


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Credit to another poster. This makes total sense. 


Back to the Green Bay game… It created the blue print on film. They hemmed in the entire route tree that Josh was successful with. Checking Mckenzie off the line. Taking away Diggs double moves with a safety. Then they brought pressure knowing they weren’t going to get sacks but instead they were going to push Josh to his tendencies and sit on them. Resulting in bad TO’s.  This was the perfect Defense for our 11 package on film. 21 personnel and settling into run game and dink and dunk would have open things up for PA. Dorsey is too stubborn for that. It was the beginning of the end for this year on Offense. 

Part II was although Rodgers couldn’t get it really going. They gashed the Bills Defensive front with power runs some 12 personnel some 21. They ran downhill and there was no answer. Every team we faced moving forward had some success with these concepts except Chicago (that game was the outlier). That game plan may have been better suited for Cinci yesterday. 

Part III - prior to Hamlin injury, Josh hid some flaws by extending drive with his legs. Especially on 3rd and 6-8 yards. In the NE, Miami and especially yesterday (last 3 games) he chose low percentage deep shots when almost every time he could have run for a first down. He has been less willing to run with the frequency and abandon the he did before the injury. Drives could have been extended yesterday but I think I’m glad they weren’t. 

*Conclusions- fatal schematic flaws on both sides of the ball were brutally exposed. The league only needs it on film once and if you don’t adjust you are not going to win a championship. Talent will carry you but perhaps Josh reining in his own running exposed problems that he hid for way too long. Knox needs to be used as an outlet out of 21 and we need more 12 packages and power run. PA is still a thing and 11 alone will not get it done. The defense needs to run more base 4-3 and the 3rd linebacker needs to be a stud like Milano. The Dline needs to run some wide 9 packages to generate pressure and disrupt edge running backs. 


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"Buffalo is hard to play but not hard to beat"

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