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The Running Game


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They needed a running game all season (last season as well), but they chose to ignore it. Being able to run the ball takes a lot of pressure off the QB, and provides balance to the offense. You control the clock, and the game, keeping the other teams offense off the field. Choosing not to have a good to great running game in Buffalo is pretty much criminal. What's the sense of playing at home in the playoffs, if your own is not built to play in the elements? You want to build your teams to be able to play in exactly they type of weather we saw today, and for the opponents to be at a disadvantage when coming here. They have an OL that either can't open holes for the RB's, or just don't do it enough to even be competent at it. Where would Kelly have been without Thomas, and that OL? I hope McBeane reads this

I'm not even going to comment on the defense, you all saw it.


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