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Vote racist Hipkat for mod! If he wins everyone here gets a white hood. VWR will invite you all back to his place in West Seneca for a burning of the cross. Oh yeah BYOWH!

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8 minutes ago, Herodotus said:

Your mother filed eviction papers.  She'd really like you to leave.  Come on man, show some initiative, get a job, check in to an extended stay hotel, be a man.  Come on dude.  

Again you admitted to taking money from dear mother. You have nothing on me. You have no idea who I am but then again you may. I know who you are. You support a regime that murders kids. Could you imagine if some Ukrainians were made aware of your statements?Would dear mother be able to bail out her big mouth virgin son again? 

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16 hours ago, SpikedLemonade said:

Does anyone know where Sack 'O Shit is?

I really miss him.

Don't you?

Many here talk to him fairly regularly 

It's even better having a place where the trolls and losers can't stink it up

Instead, you get to be the biggest clown on a site that has a delinquent owner with zero cares about the sinking ship 

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