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Two most disappointing things this season for the Bills

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To show I am trying.....    I have another disappointment:  the ongoing absurdity of the betting spreads Vegas sets for the Bills.   Apparently people for whom money talks think much more highly of thr Bills than the very vocal and driven minority of the bitter on here.

See, one can be bitter and direct the negative energy at neither the Bills or other poor saps on here, if one chooses to. lol

In what could be a preview if someone wanted to do the counterpart to actually say things they are most grateful for, how about the survival and quick discharge of #3 Damar Hamlin?  I won't be like Josh Allen and say anything for certain, one might see at least the possibility of focused thought and positive energy(aka prayer).  In like manner, one might consider they constant negative energy they have conditioned some of us to have.  This is not a new concept, it's been for ages untold accepted as cause and effect in a lot of knowledge that has been "occulted"(hidden) in "The West".   For those who need pedestrian stuff for validation, I seem to recall a number of studies showing the difference emotionally(and in turn physically) of the difference in types of habitual thinking.  Do you not yet see why your rulers load the news with negativity?(the reasons are plenty, with reliance on them as well as their medical monopoly being some of the closer to obvious). 


In my life experience, I've observed what your society calls "the poor"  are some of the most grateful, and often more generous.  If I had access to the proper tools, it would be interesting to note the percentage of negative posts in a 13 win season vs in various eras of the drought, such as when we had the "Tank for Luck" thread.   lol

Also curious how many in real life choose to focus so much on the negative while undervaluing what there is they could choose to be grateful for.   I've been on both sides of that fence as well, but then again have had some life experiences some would call quite atypical, and wouldn't judge either way.  I guess I just find sociology and psychology interesting, at times.


Go Bills.    

Andy did you hear about this one?-REM . "I don't think I'm easy to talk about. I've got a very irregular head. And I'm not anything that you think I am anyway". -Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd. Rolling Stone, December 1971.  https://nativeamericanchurches.org/ My Adopt A Bill is Stefon Diggs  My 2nd Adopt A Bill is Christian Wade(he gets an exemption and doesn't require a spot) :)    Being staff seemed unable to train an elite legend how to run, Cole Beasley is my backup.   (I doubt that explanation is wanted).

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On 1/12/2023 at 12:08 PM, Herodotus said:

Well the good news is the regular season is done, you can stick a fork in it, 13-3.  On to the playoffs.  The real question, and I do expect a thread about it, is, "are the playoffs toast?"  Now if the playoffs are toast which toast are they? Do you put butter and jam on them? Do you use syrup and confectioner's sugar and make French Toast? Do you buy Texas Toast? Also, do you make a panini or a grilled sandwich with the playoff toast?

I need more fiber in my diet, I've been blocked up since New Years Day... I'll have to switch to multi-grain with mesquite turkey and Weber's Horseradish mustard... in the toaster oven...

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On 1/12/2023 at 9:07 AM, Buffalochief2 said:

Why anyone thought a WR-4 in Davis and a WR-5 in McKenzie from 2021 would magically become viable options as WR-2 and WR-3 in 2022 is beyond me.  Maybe we see Davis step it up in the playoffs, but I don’t know how JA trusts Davis, half of his interceptions are on throws to Davis, Davis leads the team in drop rate, and JA completion percentage is its lowest on throws to Davis.  I like Davis as WR-4 but we need to address WR 2 and 3 in the off-season.

Very True. They tried to make McKenzie a big-play man but it hasn't happened.

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