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Not the Onion or the Beaverton I swear


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7 minutes ago, micknaboz said:

Big deal!  lol

Funny you don't mention Putin there. 

Why should I? This article was part of the effort to rehab Shrub's legacy.  The point for posting it is that you can't claim Shrub wasn't a war criminal just because every other US president in the past 80 years was also a war criminal.  Okay you want Putin? Well that sounds a lot like Tu Quoque.  However, lets pretend the propaganda is true and he is a war criminal who has fallen down the stairs and shat his pants. It still does not mean Shrub is not a war criminal.

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4 hours ago, Herodotus said:

They literally wrote this unironically and with a straight face, but yes Bush was a war criminal and yes those who came before him and after were and are too. . . .



So, just to be fair, in the realm of bullshit sources, this is as much of a bullshit source as the bullshit sources that the Trumper‘s use on here

“There he goes. One of God's own prototypes.

A high-powered mutant of some kind, never even considered for mass production.

Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”

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2 minutes ago, HipKat said:

So, just to be fair, in the realm of bullshit sources, this is as much of a bullshit source as the bullshit sources that the Trumper‘s use on here

In regards to the Huffpost.  I do mostly agree with you.  Considering its neoliberal/shit lib bent, its fascinating that they would be exonerating Bush.  In fact, that curiousity is why I posted it.  I am very worried by efforts of people to rehabilitate Shrub because after Iraq and Afghanistan and 9/11 and those unmonitored bank bailouts and further dismantling of the middle class, he does not deserve rehabilitation.  Seriously, a decade after killing 1.5 million Iraqis and displacing 10 million more and destroying peace and security in the middle east there Shrub was with Barney.  At various funerals, awww look there's Shrub sharing a candy with Mrs. Obama.  This prick even gets to comment on a crisis in Ukraine his foreign policy via the Orange Revolution, revocation of ABM treaties, putting NATO in nations of the former USSR and promising that Ukraine and Georgia would eventually join, is largely responsible for.  Oh yes, the same architects of the Messopotamia (courtesy to Jon Stewart) are also very much the architects of the suffering of the people of Ukraine.  You and I can talk about should Putin have invaded Ukraine or not, and honestly I will say that diplomacy would have been preferable, but that this humanitarian disaster did not begin on Feb 24, 2022.  It didn't start and end and go on sabbatical after Clinton broke Bush Sr.'s gentleman's agreement.  It was largely schemed out by the same assholes, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, and Shrub who gave us Iraq.

When I see attempts to rehabilitate Bush because Trump was a shitbag or because Biden is a fuckwad too, I say oh no no no, Shrub was a horrible piece of human waste AND the others are too.  There can be no and must be no rehabilitiation of this man.  They need to be tried in the international criminal court, not giving policy talks or appearing as folksly artists on the talk show circuits.

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