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Balls and Goats


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Seems to me Gabe and Josh both got their heads out of their asses on the same drive.  Both were money from that point on.  Josh especially started letting passes rip and said the hell with my elbow on that drive.  Hadnt ripped a fastball since the Jets game. 

Dorsey.  Nice adjustment to move Diggs around to get off the double teams.   Would be nice if Leslie would learn how to make an in game adjustment.

RUN D.  Was not expecting that result so much that I drafted Chubb in my daily fantasy.

Anyone who plays LB other than Edmunds.  Not because they are anything special, just because they show just how useless Edmunds is.  Did anyone notice his absence yesterday.

Milano and Poyer.  Clearly the MVPs of the defense.   7-0 when Poyer is there.  0-3 when he isnt.

3rd and 4th and short stuff - Havent seen that from this team in feels like since Fat Pat and Sam.

Cook - Feature the man and see what he can do.  I've always felt Motor would be more effective in spurts than being featured.


Frazier.  He sucks every week.  Make a freakin an in game adjustment just once.

Edmunds.  You suck even in your absence.

Jackson and Benford.   Turn around and defend 1 pass you crispy burnt toast

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4 hours ago, Victor7 said:


Matt Milano. All over the place. He's having a monster season. 

Run D. Nick who?

2nd quarter and on Allen. After a slow and awful start he picked up and delivered. 

Knox. About time he had a good game

Bass. Money

Run game?? .... Yeah. Finally a day worthy of praise. Both motor and Cook had good games. 

Browns TE's dropping td passes. We got soooooooooo lucky on their third drive that they only came away with 3. They dropped back to back td passes.

Hynes. Great returns. 



Pass D. That was Jacoby Brisset for fucks sake. They nearly came back there near the end. If that oneside kick had been recovered?? I don't know.  Honorable mention to Dane Jackson who can't cover anyone. Kinda feel bad for him. He's usually in position to make the play, yet he never does. 

Tre White. Every week he misses and lets opposing teams top WR have a day he'll be here. My guy is healthy to play. Whatever mental hurdle he needs to clear he needs to do it now. 

Gabriel "drop" Davis. Its time to have a conversation about him not being a true 2. I think he's a great option at 3. But he drops too many balls to be considered a real No. 2

Red Zone O. Again. Its embarrassing. And we still scored 31. Imagine the possibilities. 

Adrian Hill and Co. Awful officiating as usual. Mr. Hill has been dropped from average to below average on the Victor7 list of officials. 

Chargers. Every game they play vs the Chiefs is the same. They hang around, play though and fuck it up in the end. 

Fixed it for you. 

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Allen - Respected the football

Motor - TD and ran hard

Let James Cook - EPIC 1-2 punch with motor

Heinz - excellent returns

Can you Digg it - TD

Davis - 2nd half performance is what we need

Fort Knox - Animal

Moorse - Played hurt

Rick Bates - best game of the year

Von Miller - Relentless

Oliver - unblockable

Sack Lawson - 4th down stop

Millano - Pro Bowler

Poyer - Deserves extension but wont get it

Bas Pro - 6 FG's

Ferguson - excellent snaps all day



Dawkins - Penalty

Lil Dirty - didnt get 2pt conversion

Benford - @seandelevan DB not good

Jackson - @seandelevan other DB is also not good


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