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Republicans "I wish we had a Nancy Pelosi on our side"


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3 hours ago, HipKat said:

First of all, he was in office when this began and he’s trying to run for office again. Don’t even try to say that there isn’t something very scandalous with Jared Kushner and his Middle Eastern ties. Qatar, FTW!

not to mention all the business that Trump conducted while he was in office.

But it’s OK Rich, I’m used to you being a Trump defender and being in capable of ever saying anything negative about him or anyone associated with him.

it’s funny that you accuse me of worshiping Joe Biden when I’ve called Biden out for things I don’t agree with but you, you are the poster child for George Trump love.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you say anything negative about him except maybe the way he was tweeting and even then it was sarcastically.

Is Dar Al Arkan government? If its illegal or unethical, by all means go after Trump. Like I said, I'm all for Desantis. 

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