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Gotta agree with Caitlin Johnston here


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The Atlantic, which is owned by billionaire Laurene Powell Jobs and run by neoconservative war propagandist Jeffrey Goldberg, has published a pair of articles that are appalling even by its own standards.

Virulent Russiagater Anne Applebaum argues in "Fear of Nuclear War Has Warped the West’s Ukraine Strategy" that the US and its allies should escalate against Russia with full confidence that Putin won't respond with nuclear weapons.

"Here is the only thing we know: As long as Putin believes that the use of nuclear weapons won’t win the war—as long as he believes that to do so would call down an unprecedented international and Western response, perhaps including the destruction of his navy, of his communications system, of his economic model—then he won’t use them," Applebaum writes.

But throughout her own essay Applebaum also acknowledges that she does not actually know the things she is claiming to know.

"We don’t know whether our refusal to transfer sophisticated tanks to Ukraine is preventing nuclear war," she writes. "We don’t know whether loaning an F-16 would lead to Armageddon. We don’t know whether holding back the longest-range ammunition is stopping Putin from dropping a tactical nuclear weapon or any other kind of weapon."

"I can’t prove this to be true, of course, because no one can," says Applebaum after confidently asserting that more western aggression would actually have deterred Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

These are the kinds of things it's important to have the highest degree of certainty in before taking drastic actions which can, you know, literally end the world. It's absolutely nuts how western pundits face more scrutiny and accountability when publicly recommending financial investments than when recommending moves that could end all terrestrial life. 

On that note it's probably worth mentioning here that Applebaum's husband, European Parliament member Radoslaw Sikorski, recently made headlines by publicly thanking the United States for sabotaging the Nord Stream gas pipelines.



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