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Baby Trump is Having A Tantrum


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15 hours ago, HipKat said:

Meanwhile, lol


When Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made the decision to take jobs in her father’s administration, they clearly did so in the belief that it would be a stepping stone to bigger things. What would those bigger things be? Obviously, as two people who think hilariously highly of themselves, the list reportedly included Ivanka becoming the first female president. But even if that particular gig didn’t pan out, the pair no doubt expected their time in the White House to launch them into an even higher echelon of society. In this fantasy, Time would dispense with their “Person of the Year“ issue in order to name them “Duo of the Decade.” Major foundations would beg them to sit on their boards. When wars broke out, Kushner would be the first person four-star generals would call, starting the conversation by saying, “We knew we had to get advice from the guy who brought peace to the Middle East.” Whenever in Ivanka’s presence, world leaders would do whatever the opposite of pulling a “Who the f--k is this and why is she here?” face is. Average Joes would line up around the block just to get a glimpse of the pair, telling their families for years to come what it was like to be in the presence of American royalty.

Unfortunately for Javanka, things did not work out this way and they were basically run out of town. Obviously, though, they’d like to be accepted by important people and beloved by little ones, which is why they’ve spent their time in relative exile trying to convince the world that they want nothing to do with Donald Trump.

First, there was the anonymously sourced report in June 2021 that “the gap between Trump and his daughter and son-in-law [was growing] wider by the week.” Then there was The New York Times story, a year later, declaring that the pair had actually washed their hands of Trump months before the conclusion of his presidency. And now comes word that should Trump run for office again—and it’s looking like he will—they neither want to be there to help nor will they return to Washington should he be reelected.

Per CNN:

Senior adviser to the president is not a role Ivanka Trump wishes to resurrect. “(Ivanka) would never go back to that life,” says one of the people familiar with her thinking. “She knows it’s not something that would serve her or her family at this point.” Another person says Ivanka has been “done” with Washington “since the day she left” and that “hasn’t changed.” A third person contends if Ivanka had any interest in taking part in politics again, people would have seen her on the campaign trail, pushing candidates for the midterms. Yet she made zero appearances or public endorsements, despite requests for participation by some of those in tight races, says a person with knowledge….

Trump would also lack the presence of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, once the gatekeeper for Trump in the White House and one of the most connected and influential voices of his administration.

“Jared does not intend to join the campaign and get back involved,” says a source familiar with Kushner’s plans. CNN reached out to a spokesperson for Jared Kushner and did not receive a response.

The person added that that while Kushner would maybe offer a piece of advice here or there, “it would be a far cry from helping in the way he helped before,” saying that the former first son-in-law has “moved on” and is focused on running his private-equity firm (the one that received a $2 billion check from his good pals in the Saudi government).

Whether Jared and Ivanka would actually stay off the 2024 campaign trail obviously remains to be seen, but even if they do it’ll probably be difficult to make people forget the lowlights of their time in politics, which included shrugging off murder by bone saw and making their Secret Service detail go to extreme lengths “to find a bathroom.” In addition to, y’know, sticking by Trump ’til the very end. Both before and after that whole insurrection business!


Too bad....


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