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God damn those Russians. . . .


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This entire conflict could have been avoided if 61 million Americans did not make total assholes of themselves by voting for Joe Biden.  Do not make the same mistake this midterm election.   To help you I am offering a 17% discount on my Voter Coaching Services program. 

Yes, 17% does not match the true rate of inflation caused by the 'Liberal' (really Fascist/ Communist/ Leftist) policies of the Progressive Apparatchiks of the Democratic Party. 

I do what I can. 

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6 hours ago, LiterateStylish said:

So the Russians doing wrong is okay because others do wrong?

What "wrongs" are you referring to?

And I hate to tell you, but every military conflict involves brutality from both sides.

That's one of the big reasons for avoiding war in the first place.

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"The Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful information campaign to date." ~ Gen. Mark (Killer) Kimmitt



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