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Election Deniers Admit It's A Lie Behind Closed Doors


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1 hour ago, Philly'sFinest said:

We can't prove it unless it's looked into

But I guess you don't care about the fact that Americans have concerns about our elections, and that they want the questions answered to silence the so called "election deniers"

This is why you run with the "you need to prove it, not us" line. You know you can't prove it, so you put the onus on the people that can't get it looked at to prove it, since it Dems that have blocked it and have the power now to prove it. 

Well played, but it's scummy and disingenuous by you and your leftist homo buddies that thumb their nose at the majority that want this questioning and doubts to be put to rest

Holy shit dude! It’s been looked into. 100,000 fucking times, 100,000 fucking ways. In every single way, it comes up the same. Not fucking stolen.

The only Americans who have concerns about our elections are brainwashed Americans like you who cannot get it through your thick skull that the last election was legit. All the rest of us know that we don’t need to be concerned. What we do need to be concerned about are the Republicans running for office is right now who have admitted that they’re not going to count Democrat votes when their people lose

“There he goes. One of God's own prototypes.

A high-powered mutant of some kind, never even considered for mass production.

Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”

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