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Shit my public school teachers never talked about


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This was back in the 90s so its a bit dated, and here we are talking about High School History, not university and post grad, but here is shit my school teachers never really talked about (* will denote things that could land teachers in hot water)

Shay's Rebellion*
Tecumseh's Confederacy.  His war with the US was covered in passing as was Tecumseh's curse, but the confederacy, one of the most successful feats of diplomacy in the history of this continent, was not discussed.  

That the Soviet Union won World War Two in Europe and liberated most of the camps.  Covererage of the Soviet Union in that war ends at Stalingrad.*
The FBI's COINTEL program against civil rights leaders (this one's shocking because my high school was predominantly black)"
The Compromise of 1877 (hands down the worst and most disastrous election in US History)
Why exactly Aaron Burr was the most dangerous man in America
Nixon's coup against Allende*

Patrice Lumumba*
Slavery was not completely abolished except in the prison industrial complex until December 1941.
The ongoing imperialism of Britain and France post 1960*
Pre contact Indian societies in North America (we aren't talking about the Aztec, Inca, and Mayans, we are referring to the civilizations in this country, even in the great plains).  In terms of Plains Indians, they were always imagined as hunter gatherers, nothing was mentioned about about the Kahokia mounds that ranged well into eastern Missouri and a very large Indian city not too far from what is today Wichita was never discussed.  These were not vanishing Indians.  These were people who were robbed, killed by disease (sometimes intentionally, smallpox blankets were a thing) and forced off their land.
How similar our violations of treaties today echoes our perfidy to our treaties and gentlemen's agreements with Indians*
King Philip's War (holy hell was that ever a disturbing and disgusting affair)
Why we have a commmunist nation 90 miles south of Miami*

Tulsa Riots and the destruction of Black Wall Street* (to be fair they have finally been mentioning this within the past decade)
Wilmington, NC Coup in 1898*
Philadelphia using airpower to bombed black people in 1985*
Cancel culture against German Americans in 1917 (I still have some of the text books used in Cincinnati German language schools, btw does anyone know a good book binder who could work on bindings because these books are very fragile and are in danger of being lost to the ages if I can't get them rebound (some are as old as 1868)
Laos was the most heavily bombed nation in the world, by US
the destruction of North Korea by our airpower and the lasting resentment it has caused
School of the Americas*
Nestle formula*
Russia's meddling in the US Civil War and the fact that Britain and France were a lot more interested in seeing an independent Confederate States than you'd want to admit.  Also to be discussed is the Trent Affair, for a more complete picture.*
Russia's meddling in the American Revolution*

Polar Bear Expedition and Siberian Expedition*
Operation Mockingbird*
Death of Abbie Hoffman*
Operation Northwoods*
Project MKUltra*

This is the short list, what did your teachers fear talking about?


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