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Hipkat and his racist buddy Toofast are trying to defend their racist ways. Didn’t Lit remove Hipkat as a mod because of racist statements?


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You are a racist SpunkedAIDS! Everybody here knows it, BLATANTLY RACIST, don’t run from it! I KNEW you wouldn’t face up to being a racist POS 🖕! Deflection is ALWAYS how one diverts attention from their evil ways, deflect all you want, your racist comments are scattered all over here. 

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7 hours ago, TonyasTaters said:

Can you please stop with with homophobic language.

This piece of human excrement -- Bowl Legged from Buggery -- posted 24/7 extreme right wing propaganda when I first got here earlier this year.

Now he makes an infrequent appearance to blurt out some ignorance he picked up from that cesspool of hate that the Trump Fluffers here go to jerk off Sack 'O Shit who has joyously completely left the Range.

If this "guy" is NOT a closet homosexual, I would be shocked.

Why he feels he must hide his gayness to fit in with his racist buddies is puzzling.

I am sure his whole family and friends know his sexual orientation.

Please come out of the closet -- we will support your right to suck whoever's cock you wish to suck.

Do Your Part to Improve The Range -- Please put the TRIO OF TRUMP FLUFFERSTM  on IGNORE

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