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RuSsIa DiDnT wAnT kYiV


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18 minutes ago, LiterateStylish said:

That was the excuse given by the pro-Russia contingent on this forum to explain away the non-stop defeats Russia experienced while trying to take Kyiv.

Now, Russia is gathering 9,000 more troops for another run at the capital.


Well you cLIT, I said I would not make fun of Hip or ICR today I didn't say anything about you, lets take a look at the call up.  200 to 300 thousand (per Russian social media sources I trust far more than I do the British or American press the number is about 220,000).  So lets see, 9,000 in Belarus.  I guess they could try for Kiev with that, but that seems kinda small don't it? I mean that's less than an motorized rifled division in the Russian army (roughly 12,000) so either they plan on meeting no opposition or their main thrust is going to be somewhere else.  Now, the good news -for you - is that I do expect them to launch an offensive soon. After all while the western press is pissing and moaning about playgrounds, they have been bombing the shit out of Ukrainian railroad and transport infrastructure.  If I were to bet on this, I would say their main focus is going to be Odessa and Nikolayev and finishing up liberating the Donbass, Kherson, Zaprhozhiye and the south bend of the Dniepr.  


Sorry, an attack with 9,000 troops? You really believe that? I bet you believe the one about force Viagara, no nazis, snake island, ghost of Chicken Kiev, and all the other copium you have been swallowing about this war for the past 8 months.  

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