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Russian Cargo Plane at Toronto Airport and Another Russian Cargo Plane at Hamilton Airport Currently


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The Russian one at the Toronto Airport was unfortunately delivering Russian Whore Piss (RWP) to Shiva in return for his good work here and there for Mother Russia and has been grounded...


Russian plane grounded at Pearson airport racks up massive parking bill


Antonov 124 stuck at Pearson since Feb. 27 at price tag of more than $1K per day



A Russian cargo plane stranded at Toronto Pearson International Airport is racking up parking fees of more than $1,000 per day.

The Russian-registered Antonov 124, operated by cargo carrier Volga-Dnepr, has been parked at Pearson since Feb. 27, the day it arrived in Canada from Anchorage, Alaska, to deliver a shipment of COVID-19 rapid tests.

That was the same day that Transport Minister Omar Alghabra announced the closing of Canada's airspace to all Russian aircraft in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The Volga-Dnepr plane has been banned from departing ever since.

In an email, Toronto Pearson spokesperson said the aircraft is currently stored in a "secure location" at the airport. She said the stranded plane is subject to the airport's standard aircraft parking rates, which amount to $1,065.60 per day, for as long as it remains on the property...






Currently, there is another Antonov that just landed in Hamilton which is also close to Shiva's home in Oakville.




Buddy, how much Russian Whore Piss (RWP) are you going through these days?  Are you bathing it it?

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  • SpikedLemonade changed the title to Russian Cargo Plane at Toronto Airport and Another Russian Cargo Plane at Hamilton Airport Currently
12 hours ago, SpikedLemonade said:

This worries no one but me?

What should we be worried about? Before Biden allowed the Russians to invade Ukraine and cause sanctions by numerous nations, they were supplying many things to the free world. You know, masks, crude oil, stuff like that.

And what's the big deal? If Russia invades Canada the US will spend billions and risk lives to bail your asses out.


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