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Adams: “You have to learn from the past, but you can’t live in the past.”

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The Sabres GM has been talking in his first press conference after signing a multi-year extension

The Buffalo Sabres announced yesterday afternoon that they had extended the contract of General Manager Kevyn Adams. No numbers were mentioned in the official press release with the rookie GM entering his third year in the job.

Adams was just the latest to take on the poisoned chalice that is the Sabres GM role, but so far has done an admirable job in navigating what has been an extremely difficult task with an injured and disgruntled superstar, other key pieces that didn’t want to be here, an extremely young and inexperienced core, an ownership that has been loath at times to spend, an extremely engaged but ultimately frustrated fanbase that has been restless after eleven years without playoff hockey, and a number of other issues that have combined to create this perfect maelstrom.

The 47-year-old has been with the organization since 2009 now when he joined as a player development coach, before becoming an assistant coach between 2011-13. He then moved on to the Academy of Hockey program while also serving as president of the Buffalo Jr. Sabres, before becoming the general manager of LECOM Harborcenter in January 2019. He was then named vice president of business administration in 2019, before being named general manager ahead of the 2020-21 season.

In his comments about the extension, owner Terry Pegula said -

“Kevyn’s leadership and vision over the past two seasons has proven to be invaluable, and I am confident in his ability to continue to move us forward as an organization. He is respected by players, coaches, staff, and peers around the league alike due to the poise with which he carries himself and the respect he reciprocates to every individual he encounters. He has grown in different roles throughout the organization, providing him unique perspectives that help him perform at the highest level as general manager.

“I, along with the fans and community, am happy to see Kevyn continue to build a winning culture both on and off the ice. Additionally, I am appreciative of his communication skills and dedication to the entire organization. I am thrilled to extend Kevyn’s contract and have him lead the Buffalo Sabres for several years to come.”

We are live with GM Kevyn Adams following his contract extension, and at the beginning of 2022 Training Camp. https://t.co/A1xF8FFXDk

— Buffalo Sabres (@BuffaloSabres) September 22, 2022

This morning Adams addressed the media in his first press conference after the extension was announced. Here are a selection of quotes from the GM, I’ll leave you to watch the full video above.

“It’s an amazing feeling for me and my family. I’m very appreciative of the opportunity I have every day, and of the Pegulas for believing in me and giving me this opportunity, and for what they do, they want to see us have success.”

On the task that lies ahead for the team -

“We have a long way to go, we have to earn everything. This time last year we talked a lot about having to earn the respect throughout the locker room and the staff, the fans, the media, and our guys took that to heart and took big steps last year.

“We are nowhere near where we need to be and want to be, and we’re going to push every day to get there. We need to figure ways to get better, figure out ways to help the coaches, help the players.”

On the subject of injuries to the squad and if he had made any changes during the summer -

“This was the first offseason for me where I had a little more time. The first few years every day felt almost like surviving, but this [injuries] were a priority. What we did in the offseason was to sit down and really look at our injuries last season, the what, why and how.

“I talked to our doctors a lot, they’re the experts, what was their take on it? Then I had individual meetings with everyone in the sports performance department. What was going to be our process for getting players back and healthy?

“What we’ve worked on is being more process-oriented, and communicating better at all levels, everybody being part of that process. This isn’t finger-pointing, it’s my job to asky why and I feel very confident now.”

On the topic of who will be the Sabres captain this season -

“We’ll have a captain this year. We’ve talked a lot about it and it’s something we’ll still spend a little bit of time on over the next week or two. We’ll have our leadership group before the start of the regular season.

“It’s great to have a captain and an assistant captain, but it’s also great to have leaders in our locker room that don’t have an ‘A’. Aside from the veterans, I look at some of our younger players like a Samuelsson, Cozens, and Krebs, these guys have been captains growing up in different teams.

“We want to create an environment and a culture where guys can come in and be themselves every day. Whether it’s a rookie or a veteran, they get to be who they are. When you do that, you’re giving players the chance to be the best version of themselves.”

We’ll be updating this post with more quotes.

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