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Tampa signs Cole Beasley to PS


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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will sign Cole Beasley to their practice squad, a source confirmed to ESPN, adding the 11-year veteran to a short-handed wide receiver corps.

Beasley was released by the Bills in March and did not sign with another team as a free agent in the offseason. The Bucs plan to elevate Beasley to their active roster soon, according to NFL Network, which first reported the signing Tuesday.




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Weird ideals. Kinda ignorant TBH. But the dude balled for us. Helped Allen grow into the beast he's today. Nothing but love for him. Good luck Mr. Beasley. 

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Bills fan for life!! ................

I love beer, rum, scotch and women !! :rockon:

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5 hours ago, Victor7 said:

Weird ideals. Kinda ignorant TBH. But the dude balled for us. Helped Allen grow into the beast he's today. Nothing but love for him. Good luck Mr. Beasley. 

(Vic, after the first few sentences it's just a message to the general audience, though in the second paragraph I praised you and @Topas as a contrast to SJ Lamentations 9:20)

Victor, I know in the past we've had some disagreements(I don't recall about what. likely nothing important), but I wanted to thank you for this post.  Both Cb11 and Feliciano(for being the catalyst that turned the OL around by bringing "attitude") played major roles in The Process.  Unlike Feliciano, Cole has not spoken negatively about what was done to him last season, which I could go into detail about.

Word 4 I vehemently disagree with, and just removed 878 words(the replacement turned out long also, but doesn't have all of the science and legal rulings) supporting that it was an(I believe unintentional and well-meaning) inversion of reality.  Those words, however, were intended for a general audience and Iit didn't feel right having them attached to an otherwise solid post due to an unfortunate 4 -word into.  My concern was an admonishment my father gave me more than once,  that unfortunately many look at the packaging rather than the substance.  This is my chance to finally publicly state my appreciation for your (and Topas') endeavors to become fluent in their language(I almost did so in another very long post I removed that said you 2, outside of Manningcast, were likely the only ones who had a choice of broadcasts when watching NFL televised broadcasts),  In another removed epic, I used REM's "What's The Frequency Kenneth" to help illustrate my own desire for such fluency in their culture(the origin story to that one, the beatdown of a treasonous newsreader,[though not related to his treason] is rather epic itself).

For several months I've considered making a simple site, with a simple message dedicated to an American hero whom the propagandists have inverted the truth about, much the same as they have on many topics including the liberation of the lines on the map known as Ukraine from the bloody coup of 2014(as evidenced by Amnesty International's truthful reporting, which shocked me because I had earlier unsubscribed from their donation requests being they had seemed to abandon their original intent in favor of pushing a flaming agenda).  On that note, today I finally wore the shirt with the barbed wire around the candle, and did so with pride, as they were authentic again.   

When I was checking available domain names for the site, I also seriously considered abandoning the Bills in the year they look likely to finally win it all, in favor of Cole Beasely #11...and I am still not ruling it out.   I am not at all doing a "VWR" here(am actually sincere).  The thought of Cole Beasely possibly contributing to a team who may slam the door at the final second(I'll be honest here) would give me satisfaction in knowing how the truly hateful would feel.  I mean that more for the members of Buffalorumbings who did not have their comments censored from tje threads of his last season, and were faithful parrots who towed/toed the corporate line.  I saw numerous folks there who said they were long time members(many who  left), being the corporate policy of "SB Nation" apparently did not allow anyone to disagree with the official narrative.  That said, two counties are represented here(not the US nor Mexico) where disagreeing with any aspect of a certain narrative(even with  incontrovertibly proven evidence) can(ans has!) land people with at least a 3 year federal prison sentence.

If folks have not read the very different and completely unnecessary "protocols"(lol) CB11 had to endure to make the healthiest choice(which from the words of the manufacturers themselves is beyond evident for the masses.   If you look at international or non-premier college sports in the US, it becomes apparent the NFL got special treatment, and CB's concerns for himself were likely unfounded.

His new QB, however, a different story.   I think the same day/night I was bitchslapped  by the answer Mick Jagger keeps demanding in "Sympathy for the Devil", I realized TB12 was likely told something no other player was, which is why the yet unposted thread is called SFTD(Mick's Mona Lisa) vol 1: TB12.  A much more accurate comparison is to Judas Iscariot.

Andy did you hear about this one?

"I don't think I'm easy to talk about. I've got a very irregular head. And I'm not anything that you think I am anyway".

-Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd. Rolling Stone, December 1971


My Adopt A Bill is Stefon Diggs

My 2nd Adopt A Bill is Christian Wade(he gets an exemption and doesn't require a spot) :)  

Being staff seemed unable to train an elite legend how to run, Cole Beasley is my backup.

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