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Lit -- Please Take My Name Off the Chat Box

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23 hours ago, HipKat said:

You know, if you don’t like it here, you can always get the fuck out. I guarantee you nobody will stop you

Spackled aint going anywhere.  He's one of those niggas who likes drama and likes to complain for the sake of complaining.  If Bitch Nigga was in the dictionary Spackled's face would be printed next to it as an example.



Bitch Nigga403397914_ScreenShot2022-08-08at11_56_52AM.png.4d590a461b5708191bf18850ef1bed8b.png

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7 minutes ago, SpikedLemonade said:

That was 30 lbs ago.

Why don't you honour us all here by posting a photo of yourself?


LOL.  No way, Jose.  Wise to your game.  Unlike you, never had a weight problem.  I look a lot like Tim Matheson.  That will have to do.  :classic_happy:


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