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How Do Anal Cracked Whores Get Ranked?


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Earlier this week you may recall I sincerely apologized to Very Wide Ass for flippantly calling his mother "the #1 Anal Crack Whore of Downtown Buffalo".

I have no idea if she is #1 and I apologized for that.

I have no clue as to her ranking.

None whatsoever.

Well since that very unfortunate turn of phrasing I started to ponder on how would Anal Crack Whores (ACW) be ranked if they were to be ranked?

Let's assume there is an international body like there is in tennis, soccer, golf, etc. -- Federation of International Anal Crack Whores (FIACW) -- what would be the ranking criteria be?

Clearly, the number of pipes -- used to smoke crack and in the whore's butt crack -- would have to be one of the top criteria used for ranking.

Would there be style points like for diving, snowboarding, gymnastics, etc.?

Would there be degrees of difficulty in terms of the anal butt fucking moves.  For example, if the ACW gets anally reamed by a client while bent over an abandoned grocery cart in downtown Buffalo while she is hitting the crack pipe and the cart is at the edge of an open excavation pit (or some hole that perhaps Very Wide Ass' 5 Black employees dug), is that a high degree of difficulty and thus worth more points?

Is there music involved like ice skating or rhythm gymnastics?

How about the quality of the John who paid the ACW the $5 or $10 like equestrian show jumping and the actual horse? 

In any event, you get the picture.

What are your thoughts?

Perhaps after some reflection I was premature in apologizing to Very Wide Ass.

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