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What Are Your Pre-Game Bills Rituals if You Are NOT Going to the Game?


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8 hours ago, Herodotus said:

1. Gotta cook the food, in the pre season its basic fair, brats, burgers but this season-at least for the opener I am thinking of oppositional food so I will be making leg of lamb for the LA game.

2. Then it's time to find a stream of the game and hook up the laptop to the TV or else watch the game on TV.


3. Then I mute the TV and see if I can get Murph, Kelso, and Sal for the play by play.  If I can't, I play classical music or an epic film soundtrack 


4. I put on the Jack Kemp jersey and for the next three hours my neighbors assume I am far crazier than I am.


5. I comment on the game Here and at the Zone

6. Starting last year I will be doing my preemptive game balls and game Goats somewhere between 30 minutes prior to Kickoff and the end of the 1st quarter.

Excellent choice on the lamb.

That would be my choice as well.

Probably on the roto of the Big Green Egg using charcoal.

However, the wife and I are in St John Newfoundland for the first time on the Opening Night and we are going to have to be in a sports bar on George Street for that one.  Vacation was planned well before the NFL released this season's schedule in April.

For the next game at home against the Titans, I know Shiva is coming over and I expect the weather to be good enough to watch the game outside on the hot tub TV where all the outdoor cooking toys are.  Tennessee always screams BBQ so I am sure the electric smoker will be going with ribs and perhaps something even chunkier on the BGE like a smoked brisket.  It is also an opportunity to get the wood burning pizza oven going for half time pizzas however I will no doubt be too drunk to master cooking thin crusts pizza so maybe I make a deep dish instead beforehand to bake and wear the long oven gloves to make sure I don't burn myself.  Using some of the brisket and some of the baked beans on the pizza as toppings with a BBQ sauce rather than tomato sauce also makes sense if combined with a smokey cheese.

I get my ankle replaced some time in September so I may have to have pedestrian meals for the Dolphins (fish usually grilled fresh tuna steaks) and Ravens (smoked whole turkey wings and a Cornish Hens on the roto) games rather than anything lavish.

Steelers are usually a veal and provolone steak sandwich and the Chiefs typically would be a different kind of BBQ, baked beans and burnt ends....

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