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Abortion is on Kansas Ballot Today


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25 minutes ago, f8ta1ity54 said:


Nice propaganda, you anti-life fascist.

Again, you dehumanize the people who have a differing opinion and simplify their argument to the ridiculous.

Read Mein Kampf lately?  Yes you have.

If you ever were in power, the jail cells would overflow with political prisoners.

Freedom to your Government-Cuckold Authoritarian Self is freedom from those with whom you disagree.

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2 minutes ago, HipKat said:

I really cannot argue against this meme.

I can help you.

1. No one is performing infanticide, so this already sets the tone for how dumb this meme is.

2. does the US let all known gang members out of jail when they have committed a violent crime? Something tells me the country with the most prisoners isn't sparing any chance they have to lock them up.

3. The GOP literally wants to tear down public education and force kids into Christian schools. they want to take away lunches from kids and ban books.

4. what's wrong with being passionate about human rights? Or do human rights go out the window when people don't fit "traditional" norms?

5. wearing masks is a constraint, but making kids do active shooter drills all the time while seeing mass murders in schools on TV, that's not a constraint though, right? I wonder how many kids are worried about masks compared to those worried about getting murdered during social studies? this meme is certainly out of date.

6. Why should drag queens not be free? not sure I get this. As far as i knew, getting glammed up isn't illegal.

7. again, old meme, what schools are being closed? At the time did we want all our kids to get covid and bring it home to people who have to work?

8. Not one democrat is running on open borders. so....


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