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Oh New York, "Excelsior", Ever Upward. This is the Stupidity of the Progressive Numbnuts in the Democrat Party, not the least of which is Kathy Hochul.


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5 minutes ago, RichJ said:

I'm against murder of the unborn, I'd just rather each state decide how they go about it. Need me to dumb it down further? 

You might.   Leftists/Fascists/Communists love top down authoritarian rule.  To them that  is freedom; freedom from those with whom they disagree.  That is all that they understand.  Fascistitydeconstructedswastika is really out of his element.   Since society doesn't allow him to silence and imprison you, he needs you to go away after he parrots meaningless polemics from his -Fascist Talking Points Pamphlet'. 

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9 hours ago, f8ta1ity54 said:

Whats yours?...I thought you were really into freedom? Usually, the really important "freedoms", we tend to write them down and add them to that constitution you love so much. Is this really important to you?

Yes, I believe in the freedom to use contraception, abstain from sex or whatever. More black children are aborted in NYC than born YEARLY. This isn't contraception failures, they are literally using abortion as a form of birth control.

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