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Happy Juneteenth everyone! What a glorious day.

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14 hours ago, direbills said:

Nice try! You are not, Very Wide ass! We know.

My God.   Your reasoning and debate skills are lacking. 

How is you God- Government President Biden working out for you?

That's what I thought.   You've ruined enough.  Loser 

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13 hours ago, TonyasTaters said:

Do you live near a nuclear waste site? These poor peoples ancestors were enslaved against their will. You complain there isn’t a white person holiday… Wtf??? Go back under the rock you crawled out from.


Just having a little fun with the ignorant extremist.

Hello, Tonya. I have no doubt you have strongly held convictions, which is something to be respected, but I don't see how it helps your cause to mischaracterize a post, offer nothing beyond shallow emotion-based rhetoric and resort to childish name-calling and smug insults all under the presumption of superiority. 

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