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Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver wants presence felt in year four

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Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver is particularly excited about one addition this offseason. He now has a two-month old filly, bringing his total number of horses to around 15. It depends on which horses you count, Oliver says, with his full stable including riding horses and a broodmare.

Soon, he’ll be bringing at least two of them – Sissy and Sassy, who are indeed sisters – back to Buffalo.

“(I’m going to) try to get Josh (Allen) to ride one,” Oliver said. “But I don’t know if they’re going to approve of that.”

Outside of that, his goals heading into his fourth season are more straightforward. Oliver had four sacks last season, but was far more disruptive than that. He had 10 tackles for loss and his 14 quarterback hits matched his total from his first two seasons combined.

The Bills exercised his fifth-year option toward the end of April.

Oliver believes “every year you’re supposed to take a step,” and he thinks he’s putting himself in a place to do so again this season.

“Just confident,” he said Wednesday as the Bills ended minicamp. “I’m looking to start off where I finished last year, and just kind of build off on that, and go out there and make plays, help the defense and just come into my own.”

Oliver isn’t necessarily looking for specific numbers when it comes to stats, and he’s fine spreading the sacks. He just wants to continue last season’s upward trajectory.

“Just start the way I finished, dominating – whether that be tackles for loss, sacks, things like that,” he said. “Being a factor even when I’m not making the play, helping other guys make the play – whether that be cutting the ball off or rushing, things like that. Say I don’t get the sack, but I funneled the quarterback to somebody else – as long as we’re getting off the field.

“So just when I’m out there, you know I’m out there.”

The cast around him should help. Oliver feels he’ll benefit from the Bills’ revamped defensive line. He is more than happy to play opposite Von Miller.

“He’s a big-time player, and they’re going to key in on him, and probably take some of the attention off me,” Oliver said. “That’s going to help me out a lot, too.”

The return of defensive tackle Jordan Phillips, who overlapped with Oliver’s rookie season in Buffalo, is also a boost. Oliver calls him “Big Phil,” and their relationship is brotherly.

“To be able to see them united again, it should help Ed's game,” defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier said. “Ed played tremendously for us a year ago.”

In the two years that Phillips was with the Arizona Cardinals, he followed the Bills and Oliver. Nothing Oliver has done on the field has surprised Phillips. Phillips sees his biggest growth happening on the mental side.

“Now, his maturity with the way he plays and the way he’s understanding the game is what’s helping him,” Phillips said. “Talent’s never been an issue. Not only does he have the work ethic, he has the mind to go with it.”

Part of that comes from Oliver learning as much as he can from veteran teammates. He trained during the offseason with Jerry Hughes, who’s now with the Houston Texans.

“It was good just to holler at Jerry for a little while and just pick his brain a little bit,” Oliver said.

Oliver joked that the loss of Hughes was all good given the addition of Miller. In reality, he’ll miss Hughes, but he also sees some overlap between Hughes and Miller in the ways they approach the game.

“You talk about guys that are in their 30s, been in the game for 10-plus years, they’ve all kind of figured it out, because that’s why they’re still there,” Oliver said. “So all of them kind of act the same and carry themselves the same, which is good for me to see.”

Oliver draws on advice such as how to take care of his body and how to attack every single practice. He thinks following that example can help him have a long career. But that’s a ways off. For now, he is meshing with new teammates and getting ready for camp.

“He’s special,” DaQuan Jones said last week. “We have no pads on right now, but his first step off the football is pretty crazy. I didn’t realize how smart he was until I lined up with him. He’s a competitor. I can’t wait to go out there in training camp and really get to know each other and how we’re going to react to each other.”

“There he goes. One of God's own prototypes.

A high-powered mutant of some kind, never even considered for mass production.

Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”


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1 hour ago, seandelevan said:

Yeah…me too Ed. Only time you show up is against the cellar dwellers of the league….

Filled up my gas tank yesterday.  Thank you.   Jerk. 

 Nice vote in Nov 2020.  Better yourself as a citizen before commenting on this board. 


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