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What is the Genesis/Origin of Your User Name?

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ThinWhiteDuke is clearly a reference to KKK Grand Wizard David Duke...




Ex-KKK leader David Duke takes credit for Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson


During his recent podcast, Duke said both men stole his racist ideas about "white replacement" and made them mainstream.



Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke says former President Donald Trump and Fox News host Tucker Carlson owe him credit after taking his racist ideas about "white replacement” to the mainstream. 

In October, the liberal watchdog group Media Matters shared audio clips from Duke’s podcast (yes, even he has a podcast) in which the former KKK grand wizard boasted that his own failed political campaigns inspired ideas Trump championed during his presidency.

“Trump really knows what his movement is based on,” Duke said. “You know, [Trump] had to know that I ran my campaigns primarily on the immigration issue, on fair trade issues, on the issues of preserving American culture, on stopping the replacement of European Americans — which people are all talking about now.”...




Do Your Part to Improve The Range -- Please put the TRIO OF TRUMP FLUFFERSTM  on IGNORE

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