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C&C May 7th - Operation Multiplier, More COVID Studies, and Ukraine Intel

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️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Saturday, May 7, 2022 ☙ BRINKSMAN JOE 🦠
A new Operation Multiplier; Trump seems disconnected; the 11th Circuit reverses, upholding DeSantis; poorer antibodies in jabbed; super high Guillian-Barré after J&J; lunatic brinksmanship; and more.


🪖 OPERATION MULTIPLIER: I first heard about Senator Ron Johnson’s blockbuster congressional hearing about the military vaccine injury data while I was in the Washington DC airport. Michelle and I were headed home at the crack of dawn after I spoke at a health-freedom rally on the Lincoln Memorial. Dragging our carryon luggage down the concourse slidewalk, I saw a man who looked like an Old Testament giant looming against the wall fiddling with his phone at the little rest stop between the two conveyor belts.

I was shocked to recognize him as we rapidly approached. “Tom Renz,” I called, and he looked up. For whatever reason it seemed like an odd place to run into another covid lawyer. From Ohio. Obviously I asked him why he was there — meaning DC, not standing randomly between two slidewalks, which was also a good question, but it seemed impertinent — and Renz explained he was on his way to testify about military jab injuries before Congress.

“Jeff, you’re not going to believe the data I’ve got from several whistleblowers,” Tom said, looking quite travel-worn after having flown since the wee hours. We then had a nice lawyer conversation about his find; how many witnesses, how’d he preserve the chain of custody, did he have an exact copy of the actual data, in what format, did they sign affidavits already, and so on. “I’m going to sue the crap out of them,” Renz promised darkly.

Then it occurred to me. “Tom, who’s crazy enough to call you in Congress to blow the lid off this thing?” He peered down at me, blinking owlishly. “Ron Johnson,” he said.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has undoubtedly been one of the greatest friends in the entire federal government to the courageous truth-telling covid docs. Again and again Johnson has given them a platform and whatever official imprimatur that Congress can convey, even if from the minority position. And everything the docs testifies about goes into the permanent Congressional record, forever and ever.


🔥 Sporting his jaunty red MAGA cap, President Trump spoke in drizzling rain in Pennsylvania yesterday. He called up three pals and announced to the raucous crowd, “With us are some friends of ours … Woody Johnson, a great gentleman. Did you ever hear of Johnson & Johnson? He owns the place. I tell you what, this guy’s got cash like nobody’s got cash. His incredible wife, Suzanne Johnson … and she comes from Ukraine.”

Um. The crowd’s response to the J&J introductions seemed … lukewarm. Not hostile, really, but maybe even a touch just below lukewarm. Call it … unimpressed. The Ukraine connection just seemed confusing.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, Trump was just riffing again, as he loves to do, and Woody Johnson does NOT “own” J&J, he’s the great-grandson of J&J founder Robert Wood Johnson. He probably does own a small mountain of stock in the pharma giant, so he “owns J&J” like any stockholder, but he is not involved in running the place. Can you imagine what Woody must have been thinking when Trump told the gigantic crowd Woody owned one of the shotmakers? Actually, Woody owns the NY Jets and has been a long-time Trump supporter and Republican donor. Trump appointed him ambassador to the UK in 2017.

I’m thinking it would be nice if somebody could coax Trump back into the hot tub time machine and return him to 2022. Or maybe somebody should make him read some C&C or something. Just saying.

🔥 Yesterday, in a big win for election integrity, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals restored key sections of a 2021 state election law championed by Governor DeSantis that had recently been stricken by a lower court on March 31st. North Florida’s Chief U.S. District Judge Mark Walker had ruled that the legislation intentionally discriminated against black folks and was otherwise appalling and offensive.

But the Appellate Court reversed Judge Walker, explaining that the next statewide election is too soon for the courts to interfere with election laws, citing a precedent known as the “Purcell principle.” Judge Walker had stayed the law less than four months before voting starts in the August 23rd primary, and during active voter registration. “Whatever Purcell’s outer bounds,” the Eleventh said, “we think that this case fits within them.”

🔬 More bad news for the jabs. An April 19th pre-print study on MedRxIV is titled, “Anti-nucleocapsid antibodies following SARS-CoV-2 infection in the blinded phase of the mRNA-1273 Covid-19 efficiency clinical trial.”

Covid particles have various parts. One part that the mRNA vaccines produce in recipients’ cells is the spike protein. Another part of the virus, not produced by the shots’ tech, is called the “nucleocapsid.” Antibodies detecting this other part of the virus are called “anti-nucleocapsid” antibodies, or “anti-N” for short. Antibodies that suss out the spike protein are similarly called “anti-S.”

The researchers reported that “anti-nucleocapsid antibody seroconversion … occurred in 40% of the mRNA-1273 vaccine recipients vs. 93% of the placebo recipients, a significant difference.” Indeed.

Sensibly, anti-N — and other kinds of antibodies to other parts of the virus — don’t initially form in those who have been vaccinated. This makes sense, since the jabs don’t teach the immune system about those other parts, just the spike.

Thus, to start with, since natural infection induces both anti-S AND anti-N production (and antibodies to all the other parts of the virus), you can confidently say that natural infection is a better vaccine than the jabs are. So.

But here’s the problem raised by the study. The lower anti-N levels were found in vaccinated people AFTER infection by the virus. That’s the only way they could have anti-N at all. So vaccinated people’s immune response to infection appears to be WORSE than people who’ve never had the vaccine at all. It was supposed to be better.

This study doesn’t stand alone. I reported in late October on the UK’s Week 42 report which noted this same problem, saying “…observations from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) surveillance data [show] N antibody levels are lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination.”

This raises a lot of questions. Is this evidence of “original antigenic sin,” which suggests that many vaccinated people get “locked” into an original antibody response that only produces expired antibodies and does not respond well to new variants? Or of damaged immune responses or even autoimmune problems? Or something else, maybe even something benign?

In any event, it is compelling evidence that the jabs are significantly inferior to natural immunity.

🔬 There’s more bad news for J&J. An April 26th JAMA study that has now completed peer-review is titled, “Incidence of Guillain-Barré Syndrome After COVID-19 Vaccination in the Vaccine Safety Datalink.”

The researchers looked at 15.1 million doses of vaccines tracked in the Vaccine Safety Datalink. The Vaccine Safety Datalink is a collaboration between nine large US health care systems and the CDC. The researchers found that the incidence of Guillian-Barré disease was “significantly higher” than the normal background rate in people right after they’d taken the safe and effective Johnson & Johnson jabs. Not just higher. Significantly higher.

All the patients who contracted GBS after the J&J jab had facial weakness or paralysis plus weakness and decreased reflexes in the limbs.

The normal “background rate” of GBS is about 1 in 100,000, although it increases after age 60 on a trend along with age, up to about 4 in 100,000 for people who are 80-90.

But in this study, the team discovered that within the first 21 days after taking the safe and effective J&J vaccine, 32.4 people in 100,000 developed the syndrome, increasing the chance of acquiring the debilitating disease by over THIRTY TIMES following the safe and effective J&J jab.

Using math, that’s 3.2 in 10,000 people, or about 1 in 3,000.

Ruh-roh, Scooby.

😷 Another new peer-reviewed study dropped April 19th in the Cureus Journal titled, “Correlation Between Mask Compliance and COVID-19 Outcomes in Europe.” It’s not good. It’s actually quite bad.

Using data from 35 countries and 602 million people, the peer-reviewed study cautions that the use of face masks “may have harmful unintended consequences.” You don’t say.

First, the researchers confirmed a lack of any evidence of efficacy between mask use and infections. “Positive correlation between mask usage and cases was not statistically significant,” the study said.

But, chillingly, it also found that “the correlation between mask usage and deaths was positive and significant (rho = 0.351, p = 0.039).” In other words, the more folks used masks, the higher the death rate went. They tried a variety of different statistical methods but they all showed the same positive correlation between masking and death rates: “none of these [different statistical] tests provided negative correlations between mask usage and cases/deaths.”

Now, punters will argue that this study only shows CORRELATION and not CAUSATION. But please, don’t make me laugh. You can’t say it is possible that higher death rates cause more masking. People would have to know what the death rates were and we don’t know those until well after the fact, and a LOT of people aren’t paying attention anyway. I suppose it is possible there could be some invisible, unidentified third cause but you can say that about anything.

I suppose the third factor could be mental illness, but nobody wants to hear that.

Anyway, what we CAN say is there is NO correlation between lower infections and masks, and NO correlation between lower death rates and masking. So what good are they? But there IS a correlation between higher deaths rates and mask use. So there is a good possibility that mask lovers are only hurting themselves, while on the other hand, masks clearly aren’t helping anything.

How many studies do people need to see in order to start FOLLOWING THE SCIENCE? Or aren’t we doing that anymore? Is it okay to “deny the science” now?

🚀 Yesterday, clinically-insane Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told CNN that “We routinely and have now for weeks been sharing information and intelligence about Russian units, both at sea and ashore, to help the Ukrainians defend themselves against this invasion. And we’re going to continue to do that.”


In other words, our government just told Russia that we are directly helping Ukraine more accurately attack Russian soldiers, tanks, and warships. When asked if US intelligence had resulted in any Russian deaths, Kirby deferred saying, “I am not going to get into the specifics about the intelligence that we provide.”

He’s trying to be cute, saying, hey, WE aren’t attacking Russia. We’re just telling Ukraine a few things it might not know. Who knows what the Ukrainians might do what that information? It’s not OUR business. It’s just stuff we can see right on our satellite monitors, and hear right on our top-secret intelligence intercepts. It’s right out in the open and on the airwaves. It’s not our fault what we see and hear.

Think I’m exaggerating? Kirby childishly told CNN that “Ukraine combines information that we and other partners provide with the intelligence that they themselves are gathering on the battlefield, and then they make their own decisions, and they take their own actions.”

See? It’s not our fault.

On Wednesday, the New York Times ran an article headlined, “U.S. Intelligence Is Helping Ukraine Kill Russian Generals, Officials Say.”

Wait, what?

Was this just a report about Russia complaining that it THINKS we are helping Ukraine kill its generals? Was it just macho Ukrainian fighters bragging without evidence they were getting help from us? Nope.

According to the Times, SENIOR AMERICAN OFFICIALS told the paper that the United States provided intelligence about Russian units allowing Ukrainians to target and kill many of the Russian generals who have died in action in the Ukraine war. The officials said the United States focuses on giving away the location of the Russian military’s main mobile headquarters. The Times reported that the officials “declined” to specify how many generals were killed because of U.S. intelligence.

It’s not that they don’t know. They’re just not saying.

Hey, WE didn’t kill the generals. We just aimed the Ukrainians at them. We had no idea what the Ukrainians would do. They could do anything. Maybe send them flowers.

The Times reported the targeting help is part of a super-secret classified Biden administration program providing real-time battlefield intelligence to Ukraine. In fact, it’s SO super-secret that SENIOR officials told the New York Times all about it.

Now, call me crazy, but I wonder if Russian President Putin is going to appreciate the delicate nuances here. Or, I wonder if he’s going to call B.S. on the cute excuse that WE aren’t killing their generals by telling Ukraine about wherever their military headquarters goes in real time. I wonder if Putin might decide instead that taking out a few U.S. military satellites would be in Russia’s best interest.

But mainly I wonder if Biden and his cross-dressing generals have any idea what kind of fire they are playing with. WHY, oh why, would you not only help assassinate the generals of a NUCLEAR POWER that we JUST got out of a long Cold War with, but also BRAG about it to the newspapers, basically daring Putin to do something about it?

Who knows, maybe Biden IS playing some kind of 3-D chess with all of this brinksmanship. I’d feel better if I were more confident that Joe could finish a game of checkers with a six-year-old, but I’m thinking that kid would already have three kings within the first five minutes.



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