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QUESTION -- Why is it always the assholes who shout "Fake News"?


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Okay, my news? Well let's start with domestic:

For congressional legislation and political happenings, C Span and the library of congress.  Read the Bills, read the minutes, make up your own mind.

I also like Mintpress News, as soon as shitlibs condemned Anti-war for being "libertarian" they made me think, why would a shitlib oppose a news outlet that was anti war? Consortium News is good.  Then there is Wikileaks, Scott Ritter, Caitlin Johnstone, Lee Camp, Chris Hedges.

In times of war, I go to the target country's news.  If it's Russia I go to TASS, China? CGTN.  Venezuela or Cuba? Telesur or Radio Havana.  Iran? Press TV.  Serbia? Tanjug.  Syria? Al Sana.  

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